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A single anonymous options trader could win big, or lose half a million dollars.

A mystery trader just made a massive bet on the S&P 500 that could lose $558 million if the market turns

The trade could make about $175 million, as long as the index doesn't drop more than 22% from Monday's closing level of 2,582 by December 18, 2020.

GOLDMAN SACHS: There’s a strategy that will help you crush earnings season using these 20 stocks

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs has formulated a strategy for earnings season that has provided outsize returns for the past two decades, and it recommends 20 stocks.

GoPro’s plunging stock made short sellers $45 million in a single day

GoPro short sellers made roughly $45 million in mark-to-market profits on Monday as the company's stock plunged as much as 33%.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Markets are about to get rocky — here’s how to use that to your advantage

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs expects market volatility to come roaring back in 2018, which will unlock investment opportunities in the areas that move the most.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s how to make a killing in early 2018

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs has a recommendation for how stock investors can make money during early 2018.

Retail stocks have been crushing the market against all odds — and traders are betting on more gains

Retail stocks have been crushing the broader market over the past month, and options traders are getting even more bullish.

There’s a cheap way for traders to protect against tax reform failure

Goldman Sachs has an inexpensive strategy for hedging against tax reform failure, which is being heavily priced into Wall Street stock forecasts.

Walmart is making a mockery of the retail apocalypse — and traders are betting it’ll keep soaring

Walmart crushed its earnings report on Thursday and boosted guidance. Now traders are betting on more strength for the company going forward.

Traders are making big bets on the largest takeover attempt in tech history

Traders are signaling confidence that Broadcom's attempted hostile takeover of Qualcomm will succeed.
Traders were the most unhedged in eight years on GE heading into the company's earnings disaster.

General Electric’s disastrous earnings report caught traders off guard

Traders were unprepared for GE's stock drop on Friday, with hedges at an eight-year low heading into the company's disastrous earnings report.