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Masturbation has many of the same health benefits as sex with a partner.

Does masturbation help your immune system? An orgasm may have benefits

An orgasm — whether through masturbation or sex with a partner — is known to have health benefits and may even boost your immune system. Here's why.
Rowland drew on five years of interviews she did with women about their sex lives, as well as the latest sexual health research.

Men still orgasm more often than women despite strides in relationship equality

This 'orgasm gap' is one of the most prevalent examples of inequality between men and women today, according to the author of 'The Pleasure Gap.'
A "normal" sex life is all about defining what works for you and your partner.

How women can have more orgasms throughout their lives, according to an expert who spent 5 years studying pleasure

According to "The Pleasure Gap" author Katherine Rowland, focusing on the quality of sex, rather than how often you have it, will be a game changer.
Being honest with your partner about what you're dealing with could do wonders for your sex life.

My antidepressants make it difficult to orgasm. How do I tell my partner and make sex fun again?

Before switching medications, take time to explore your own body, talk with your partner, and try some bedroom problem-solving.

The clitoris isn’t just for sexual pleasure, contrary to popular belief. It also may be crucial for reproduction.

While clitoral orgasms are an important part of pleasure in a sexual encounter, researchers found that the little organ is important for conception.
A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that negative orgasm experiences can be caused by factors such as social identity and external pressure.

Orgasming isn’t always a good thing, and can even happen during ‘bad’ sex

Social pressures, identify, and feeling pressured to orgasm all factor into what researchers are calling a negative orgasm experience.
On "Broad City," sex therapist Betty helped Ilana when she couldn't orgasm.

Most women don’t orgasm consistently, and it may be because they can’t quiet their minds

A new study found that most women report trouble climaxing because their racing thoughts prevent them from relaxing and enjoying the pleasure.
The health benefits of orgasms are substantial.

12 unexpected health benefits of orgasms

Orgasms have some major health benefits. From a decrease in stress to a healthier heart, here's how orgasming is good for you.
There are some things you should know about the G-spot.

7 G-spot myths you need to stop believing

Myths about the G-spot — the erogenous zone supposedly inside the vagina that can help a person achieve a particular kind of orgasm — are common.

12 things that happen in your brain when you have an orgasm

From suppressing pain to activating your brain's reward pathways, here are 12 surprising things that happen in your brain during orgasm.