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The 21 biggest Oscar upsets of all time, ranked

From "Crash" winning best picture to Kevin Costner beating Martin Scorsese, the Oscars have thrown us some surprises.

The Oscars just made a huge rule change to keep TV out of the awards

ESPN's multi-part documentary "O.J.: Made in America" will be the first and last of its kind to win an Oscar.

The company responsible for the massive Oscars screwup will be back at the awards next year

The accounting firm responsible for the best-picture fiasco at this year's Oscars will be getting more work from the awards.

Ryan Gosling explains why he couldn’t stop laughing during the Oscars best-picture fiasco

Once Ryan Gosling realized no one was hurt, he found the confusion over the best-picture winner at the Oscars amusing.

The Rock hilariously reacts to the Oscars’ best-picture meltdown

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest YouTube video has some fun with the Oscars' best-picture screwup.

The photographer who saw the Oscars screwup go down reveals what happened behind the scenes

Business Insider talked to Andrew H. Walker, the photographer who took pictures at the Oscars that show how the wrong envelope was given to Warren Beatty.

The Oscar accountants responsible for the best-picture mistake are getting death threats

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm for the Oscars, has hired bodyguards for the two disgraced accountants behind the best-picture blunder.

New photos reveal what really happened backstage during the massive Oscars screwup

The Oscars accountant responsible for the best-picture blunder was holding two Oscar envelopes and a phone in his hand before handing off the wrong envelope.

Oscar winner Casey Affleck opens up about the sexual-harassment allegations that have followed him

Now an Oscar winner for "Manchester by the Sea," Casey Affleck says people don't know the full details of the sexual-harassment lawsuits against him.

How the Oscars could sue the company that handed out the wrong best-picture card

The Academy that hands out the Oscars has worked with the same firm to handle its voting and winner envelopes for the past 83 years.