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A harbor seal swims in Morro Bay, California, March 28, 2007.

A virus from the measles family is spreading because of melting ice. It kills seals and otters by the thousands.

Phocine distemper virus has killed thousands of Atlantic seals. New ocean water passageways likely allowed the virus to spread to the Pacific.
Staff at the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium in Tennessee said in a statement that Otto the otter died after eating food visitors threw into his enclosure.

An otter at a Tennessee nature preserve is dead after visitors threw human food into his enclosure

Otto the otter first arrived at the park in October 2017 after he and his siblings lost their parents in a flood.
An otter sits in a cage at the Kotsumate Otter Café.

Tourists in Japan are flocking to ‘otter cafés,’ but there’s evidence that the animals are illegally taken from the wild and ke...

A new documentary shows evidence that many otters found in cafés in Japan are kept in small cages without water or suitable food.
Vancouver river otter

A voracious otter has eaten thousands of dollars worth of prized koi, and no one can stop him

The otter, dubbed the "Chinatown Otter," has eaten ten of the 14 prized koi at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

That viral photo of otters crashing a marriage proposal in Singapore almost never happened

"What I saw through my lens was priceless. I was telling myself: What a dream shot! The chance of a lifetime!"
Otters crash Jordan Doyle's proposal to Mary Lister in Singapore.

A couple’s proposal was photobombed by a group of otters, and the picture is adorable

An otter-loving couple were left delighted after a handful of the animals gatecrashed their romantic moment in Singapore.
An otter was spotted with plastic litter around its neck in the River Stour in Dorset.

This otter got caught in plastic litter discarded by humans — and could die from it

The creature was spotted in the River Stour in the English county of Dorset.