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‘The Notebook’ author Nicholas Sparks apologized for emails that banned LGBTQ clubs at his private prep school

Novelist Nicholas Sparks has responded to reports that he tried to stop an LGBTQ student organization from forming at the private prep school he co-founded.
Jace Taylor, 18.

A gay teen was fired from his job at a Christian summer camp because of his sexuality: ‘Things need to change’

Jace Taylor told INSIDER he's sharing his story so people will understand the reality of discrimination.
Lil Miss Hot Mess reads to children during the Feminist Press' presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour! at the Park Slope branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

A Texas church is hosting drag queen reading for children after city officials tried to cancel the event

City officials are preparing for demonstrators in favor of and against the reading, a representative for Leander told INSIDER.
Chris Evans took down the men who are organizing a "Straight Pride Parade."

Chris Evans mocked founders of a ‘straight pride parade,’ but some critics say he did it in a problematic way

Chris Evans issued a take-down to the men in Boston who are organizing a "straight pride parade," but some felt he perpetuated a harmful trope.
Using the hashtag #NoPrideInYT, Google employees have been criticizing the company for failing to curb harassment and abusive language on YouTube.

Google employees are speaking out using the hashtag ‘NoPrideInYT’ after YouTube was slow to punish a right-wing creator for using homophob...

A Google engineer told Business Insider that the company's inaction has drastically lowered morale for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.
A person walking during Boston Pride.

For some reason, 3 men are trying to organize a ‘Straight Pride’ parade

The event, pending mayoral approval, will be hosted by a group called Super Happy Fun America. But not everyone thinks it's a good idea.
Carlos Maza (r) and Steven Crowder (l).

YouTube is refusing to punish a star with millions of fans after he hurled homophobic slurs at a journalist

The Vox Media journalist Carlos Maza detailed the homophobic abuse he receives from YouTuber Steven Crowder.
Hotels.com has blocked off 50 rooms across five different New York City hotels to help some lucky Pride-goers celebrate the occasion with a free, two-night stay.

A hotel-booking site is giving away a free 2-night stay in New York City for Pride Month. Here’s how you can win.

Hotels.com says it is giving away 50 New York City hotel rooms to Pride-goers celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

The 23 most powerful LGBTQ+ people in tech

There are LGBTQ+ identifying individuals in prominent roles at VC firms, startups, and large companies like IBM and Microsoft.
Pride month is all of June.

Rainbow flags burned at New York bar just before Pride Month, police say

Police are reportedly investigating the incident as a possible anti-gay bias crime. It happened just a day before Pride Month celebrations began.