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The first drug for opioid withdrawal has gotten the green light — and it targets risky symptoms that others ignore

Lofexidine, sold under the brand name Lucemyra, is the first drug of its kind to target the painful symptoms of opioid withdrawal, which can trigger a cycle of use, addiction, and overdose.

There’s a science-backed treatment for drug addiction that works — but it’s nearly impossible to get

The death toll from the opioids epidemic continues to soar, but experts say we already have an evidence-backed solution: medication-assisted treatment.

The US Surgeon General issued a rare advisory telling Americans to carry a lifesaving drug overdose treatment — here’s how to use it

A former paramedic told us how to use naloxone, or Narcan, the life-saving drug overdose reversal medication that the US Surgeon General told everyone to carry.

A deadly drug epidemic sweeping the US has caused ER visits for overdoses to jump 30%

Every year, thousands of patients receive a prescription for drugs ranging from morphine to fentanyl — and every year thousands of people die from an overdose.

Tom Petty died from an accidental drug overdose involving painkiller Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a notoriously dangerous painkiller.
Opioid death rates in four 4th district states has risen well above the average in the rest of the US

Deaths from opioid overdoses are especially prevalent in 4 US states

The opioid crisis has reached national proportions, but the rates of overdose deaths in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are especially high.

Fake drugs laced with a legal drug 50 times stronger than heroin are showing up in the UK

In recent months while screening samples of street heroin, British police discovered a drug whose appearance they had been dreading — fentanyl.

Way more Americans are dying from drug overdoses than we thought

Two new studies suggest states have been severely undercounting the number of deaths from drug overdoses.

Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and a recent New York Times investigation reveal a striking pattern of overdose deaths in the US.

The killer drug at the heart of the opioid crisis is being cut into cocaine and killing users

Cocaine users are now dying of fentanyl overdoses, according to the New York City Department of Health.