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The Paleo diet cuts out farm-based and processed foods while focusing on nutrient-rich plants and protein-rich lean meats.

What is the Paleo diet and whether it helps you lose weight

The Paleo diet may help you lose weight, as it cuts out unhealthy processed foods and focuses on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

I tried Snap Kitchen, a service that sends you delicious, ready-made meals that are all under 500 calories — here’s what it’s like

Speed and convenience often involves a sacrifice of some sort, whether that's taste or nutrition value, but Snap Kitchen manages to nail all these priorities in one easy-to-use service.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he eats only one meal a day and fasts all weekend, and people are concerned he might have an eating disorder

Dorsey's odd diet has many worried his unusual eating habits sound like an eating disorder.
Epic Provisions classic meat bars, strips, and other high-protein goodies.

These savory protein bars are made from meat and help get me through long days

A protein bar made out of meat? It might sound unconventional, but Epic Provisions is making it work with meat bars that are taking over the snack aisle.

10 surprisingly filling, low-carb foods you can eat on the paleo diet

If you're looking to cut carbs in an effort to improve your health or trim down, you might want to turn to these low-carb foods on the paleo diet.

How 46-year-old WWE superstar Chris Jericho stays in amazing shape

WWE legend and Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho reveals how he stays in shape at age 46.

The biggest reason people fail at diets, according to a dietitian

The act of "going on a diet" usually works in the short term, but rarely lasts.

Celebrities have made these 11 diets go viral — here are the ones that actually work

Taylor Swift swears by chia seeds. Reese Witherspoon eats baby food. Tim McGraw eats like a caveman.