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Researchers discover rat-eating monkeys acting as ‘pest control’ on Malaysia’s oil palm plantations

Macaques could reduce crop damage by rats from 10 per cent to less than 3 per cent, said researchers, equivalent to a gain of around $650 million per year.

Mahathir refuses to retract comments on Kashmir, even as Indian companies plan to stop buying Malaysian palm oil

Indian vegetable oil companies have been told they "should avoid purchases from Malaysia for the time being" to show their solidarity with the nation.

Malaysia to take action against school over ‘anti-palm oil propaganda’

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok said on Tuesday that the school was promoting “hateful thoughts” toward the palm oil industry

Man who lost 3 family members in MH17 says Mahathir’s comments ‘bizarre and too crazy for words’

Just a day before Mahathir's comments, a Malaysian prosecutor said that the nation supported the findings.

Lee Shin Cheng dies: here’s how he went from ice cream seller on a bicycle to Malaysia’s 5th richest billionaire

He once asked the heavens: "Children of my age are at school, but I have to sell ice cream just to survive. God, why did you have to treat me like this? It's so unfair."

China to buy 1.9 million tonnes of Malaysian palm oil over next 5 years: Bernama

China is Malaysia’s third largest palm oil buyer.

Malaysia could curb French purchases if palm oil use restricted

Mahathir says Malaysia will consider laws to restrict imports of French products if Paris does not withdraw plans to curb the use of palm oil in biofuels.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are going to promote palm oil on in-flight magazines and airport screens to support the ‘Love MY Palm Oil’ c...

Facts about palm oil nutrition and oil palm planting will be prominently broadcast to travellers via digital info screens in airports, in-flight magazines and entertainment systems.

In a first, Malaysia sues state over indigenous peoples’ rights

Malaysia has filed a lawsuit against an opposition-run state for infringing on an indigenous tribe’s land rights by handing out licenses to plantation companies to cut down timber.