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Tesla established its upstate New York factory in 2016.

A worker at Panasonic’s joint factory with Tesla reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus

The Verge first reported on the confirmed case at the shutdown factory, which will now be shut down for longer than originally planned.

Elon Musk says Tesla is scouting locations for a Cybertruck factory in the ‘central USA’

In a series of tweets Tuesday, Musk said Tesla is also looking at east coast locations to produce its Model Y compact SUV.

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This headless kitten robot will wiggle its tail when you pet it.

20 of the coolest and wackiest photos from the biggest tech convention of the year

We're already seeing plenty of cool, futuristic, and wild technology from across the globe at CES 2020.

Tesla has reportedly secured a battery supplier for its China Gigafactory — and it’s not Panasonic

Tesla's relationship with Panasonic, which supplies some of its batteries in the US, has become strained in recent months.
Smoke can be seen pouring from the Tesla moments before it bursts into flames from this April surveillance video.

Tesla’s investigation confirms a Model S that caught fire on video in Shanghai had a faulty battery module

The company said on Weibo that it has updated the charging and thermal management setting for Model S and X cars out of an abundance of caution.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is reportedly trying to make its own battery cells as its relationship with Panasonic becomes more tense

The electric-car company is creating designs and prototypes for lithium-ion battery cells at what CNBC refers to as a "skunkworks lab."

These are the best TVs to watch Stranger Things on, according to Netflix

These are the smart TVst that passed Netflix's "rigorous" performance tests this year.
Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei.

Here are all the big companies that have cut ties with Huawei, dealing the Chinese tech giant a crushing blow

Major US companies like Google, Facebook, and Intel have been quick to sever business ties with the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Global markets are sliding as Huawei suppliers cut ties, raising the prospect of a prolonged trade war with China

Reports that Panasonic, Arm, and others cut ties with Huawei are fanning fears of a lengthy trade war. US stocks are tracking global markets lower.