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Häagen-Dazs may sound Danish, but it's completely made up.

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They're all staples in your life, but do you have any idea what their names mean?
Employees praised the "you-pick-two" combos.

Panera Bread employees share the 8 best and worst deals on the menu

Panera Bread's menu offers diners plenty of options, but employees have their own opinions on the best and worst deals in the restaurant.
"I understand paying $10 for something that you can't easily make at home, but I really don't understand ordering PB&J or grilled cheese," one employee said.

10 things Panera Bread diners do that make employees cringe

Panera Bread employees judge customers who drop too much money on "basic" orders, diners who lack manners, and people with overly high expectations.
The mac and cheese isn't a favorite among employees.

5 dishes Panera Bread employees say they’d rather skip

Panera Bread workers are employed to whip up menu items — but that doesn't mean they'd personally order all of them.
"We are a team and we support each other like family," one employee told Business Insider.

Panera Bread employees share the 7 best and worst things about the job

Panera Bread employees spoke to Business Insider about what it's like to work at the national restaurant chain.

Panera Bread employees share the worst and weirdest things they’ve seen on the job

Panera Bread employees shared their most off-putting or memorable work stories with Business Insider.
Here's how you can save money on salads and bagels.

Panera employees share their tips for saving time and money at the chain

Panera Bread employees have insider knowledge of the restaurant chain's inner-workings, from problems with the drive-thru to snagging cheap bagels.
Employees recommend that you skip the drive-thru.

Everything Panera Bread employees want to tell you but can’t

Panera Bread employees spoke with Business Insider about what it's like to work at the chain.
Target's name came to be during a PR meeting.

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