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Family Sharing on an iPhone will let you share songs, apps, and more with your friends and family.

How to set up a Family Sharing plan on your iPhone to share apps and more between up to 6 people

To set up Family Sharing on your iPhone, you'll need to open your Apple ID menu. From there, you can invite anyone to share apps, songs, and more.
You can turn off Restricted Mode from the side menu.

How to turn off ‘Restricted Mode’ on YouTube to watch any video without filters

If you want to turn off Restricted Mode on YouTube, you'll need to log into the account that turned it on. You can do this on desktop or mobile.

How to block videos and channels on YouTube that you don’t want yourself or your children to see

You can block videos on YouTube, along with whole channels, by taking advantage of a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.
You can set parental controls on your children's iPhone to regulate their screen time on apps and other features.

How to set parental controls on your child’s iPhone, to limit screen time with specific apps, websites, and purchases

You can set parental controls on your children's iPhone to regulate their screen time, website visits, and purchases. Here's how to do it.

How to use Parental Controls to block websites on a Mac to help protect children or to increase productivity

You can block any website on Safari by using your Mac's Parental Controls. Here's how to configure the controls, no matter your reason for using them.
The internet is a wild place. Filter what your kid sees on an iPad with the device's "Screen Time" feature.

How to use the ‘Screen Time’ feature on an iPad to customize and set parental controls for your children

The internet is a wild place. Here's how to set parental controls on your child's iPad, and customize which apps and features they're able to access.
Open your settings menu and select "Search settings."

How to turn Google SafeSearch on or off

You can turn Google SafeSearch on or off in a few quick steps. Here's how to set up and use SafeSearch for your Google searches, or nix the feature.

Here are all the new ways Apple can help you combat your smartphone addiction in iOS 12

iOS 12's new features are intended to help people understand how much time they're spending on their iPhone or iPad. You can now set time limits on certain apps, enable 'Do Not Disturb while you're sleeping,' and get reports on your smartphone activity.

Amazon is launching a new Echo meant just for kids

Amazon's Echo Dot Kids Edition has built-in parental controls and a version of Alexa that speaks in a more kid-friendly way — and will even teach kids manners.

Samsung’s new parental control app gives kids an incentive to get off their phones

Samsung has launched a new app aimed at helping the youngest users among us learn healthy gadget usage habits.