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Amazon makes setting up your baby registry easy.

Amazon’s baby registry is easy to use and offers tons of benefits to expecting parents — here’s how it works

Making a baby registry shouldn't be stressful. That's why Amazon's service is so easy to use, has low prices, and great deals for parents-to-be.
Chicken pox causes a blister-like rash on the skin.

Parents are hosting chicken pox parties so their kids can ‘get it over with,’ but a pediatrician says the practice is a gamble

On Tuesday, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin said that he exposed his nine unvaccinated children to chicken pox to help them become immune to the disease.
NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

Astronaut Anne McClain brought her 4-year-old son to a NASA photo shoot before flying to space, and the pictures will melt your heart

Before flying to the space station, astronaut Anne C. McClain brought her young son to a NASA portrait shoot. The resulting photos are adorable.
Millennials are dropping serious money on their dogs.

Raising kids is so expensive in America that millennials are prioritizing their pets instead and dropping up to $400 on designer dog clothes

As millennials delay traditional milestones, like getting married, buying a house, or having children, they're choosing to be dog owners instead.
Officer Khari Manzini put his POAC Autism Services training to good use.

A boy with autism called 911 when he couldn’t find his teddy bear and the police officer’s response was heartwarming

When a 12-year-old boy with autism called 911, the responding police officer was perfectly qualified to handle the teddy bear emergency.
The author, his wife, and their 5-year-old son.

We give our child at least half an hour of playtime before school, and it’s made all our mornings better

Children thrive on routine, which is why my family gives our 5-and-a-half-year-old son at least 30 minutes of playtime before school.
Snowplow parenting is the new helicopter parenting.

A new kind of nightmare ‘snowplow’ parent is calling their kids’ employers to talk about issues their children are having at work

Snowplow parents book their adult children haircuts, text their college kids to wake them up so they don't sleep through a test, and even call their kids' employers.

Prince Harry reportedly wants to be a ‘modern dad’ and to ask the queen for paternity leave. Here are 20 ways millennials are raising kids...

Millennial parents — like Prince Harry — are raising their kids differently than other generations. These are the biggest, most surprising contrasts.
Prince Harry wants to be a "modern dad."

Prince Harry will reportedly take 2 weeks of paternity leave from his royal duties to be a ‘modern dad,’ and piles of research shows why t...

Prince Harry is reportedly taking two weeks of paternity leave. A growing body of evidence suggests paid leave benefits parents, kids, and businesses.

My kids and I built and played with LEGO’s new City Sets, and they are more fun and engaging than ever

We built and played with the 2019 LEGO City Sets and building all the different sets was a great experience for both me and my kids.