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11 differences between raising kids in a big city versus the suburbs

Raising children is expensive no matter what, but whether parents decide to raise them in a city or a suburb can impact the cost significantly.

I bought this convertible crib for my daughter because it can be used 4 different ways to take her into toddlerhood

Convertible cribs are the perfect option for parents who are looking for a piece that will grow with their child.

These leather baby shoes have the right amount of support and grip for early walkers — they’re also super cute and fold up easily

Juicy Bumbles soft sole leather and suede baby shoes are designed to protect feet without hindering growth and movement.
Jeff Rose.

I’m a financial adviser with $2.5 million of term life insurance. I know it seems like a lot, but there are 3 reasons I think it’s just ri...

As a financial adviser, it's my job to remind people that life insurance may need to replace their income for decades if they die young.
Bandagi, Russell, and Noelle — subjects featured in the "More to Me" photo series from the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society.

This photo series is challenging the stereotypes of people with Down syndrome

"More to Me" showcases powerful portraits of 51 adults and kids with Down syndrome — celebrating their personalities, emotions, and abilities.
Dax Shepard has been sober for 15 years.

Kristen Bell said her ‘mommy juice’ is Netflix and cuddling with Dax Shepard, not wine

Shepard has been sober for 15 years. While parenting is stressful, the couple finds other ways to wind down.
Coming out can have its ups and downs.

7 ways parents can support their child when they come out

It can be difficult to know what to say or do when someone comes out to you, but these things are a good place to start.
Elizabeth Warren tweeted a story on Tuesday about how she lost a job in 1971 when she was visibly pregnant. It set off a firestorm of responses from women who have experienced pregnancy discrimination.

My boss told me having children would jeopardize my career. That’s illegal, but it still happens to women all the time

Elizabeth Warren tweeted about how she lost a job in 1971 when she was visibly pregnant. Her post set off a firestorm of responses, including my own.

The best maternity leggings you can buy

Maternity leggings are an extremely important part of any pregnant woman's wardrobe. Here are the best maternity leggings we've worn.
The author is not pictured.

7 lifelong lessons I learned from my parents about getting the most from my credit cards

My parents were some of the most thoughtful spenders I know, and they always got the most from their credit cards.