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When French President Emmanuel Macron mentioned climate science, Republicans grumbled while Democrats cheered

French President Emmanuel Macron irked Republicans during his address to a joint meeting of Congress by mentioning climate science and the need to preserve the planet.

‘Aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing?’: Anchors grill EPA administrator over leaving Paris agreement

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was grilled repeatedly over President Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord this week.

John Kerry compares Trump’s claim that he’ll negotiate a better climate deal to OJ Simpson saying he’ll ‘find the real killer&...

Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday slammed President Donald Trump for pulling out of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

US structures are glowing green in support of the Paris Agreement

"World: the Empire State stands with you."

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tells Trump he’s ‘disappointed’ with US decision to quit climate agreement

"We are deeply disappointed that the United States federal government ..."

Here’s why it’ll take years for Trump to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement

The rules state that the earliest the US can say it's leaving the accord is November 2019, and wouldn't officially exit until November 4, 2020.

‘Call his bluff’: Mark Cuban tells Democrats how to punch back after Trump pulls out of Paris climate deal

Mark Cuban shared some advice for Democrats on Twitter after Donald Trump said on Thursday that the US would pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.


The rest of the world, some of the largest US companies, and many Americans support the deal.

Trump has reportedly decided to withdraw from the Paris climate deal

The Environmental Protection Agency's administrator, Scott Pruitt, has repeatedly called for the US to exit the agreement.

Republican lawmakers urge Trump stay in the Paris climate agreement, but lower the US pledge to cut emissions

A group of Republican lawmakers urged President Trump to keep the US in the 2015 Paris climate agreement but reduce pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions