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Cars pass the encampment of a man in Los Angeles who has been homeless for about two years.

Parking lots are the new solution to the homelessness crisis in cities — but they’re also part of the problem

As urban housing costs continue to soar, more homeless residents are living out of their vehicles than ever before. While parking lots offer a temporary solution to the problem, they're also key contributors to the affordable housing shortage.
Hackers took over a digital parking kiosk for nefarious ends, according to the Darktrace 2018 Threat Report.

Hackers reportedly took over a digital parking lot kiosk and connected it to a porn site for no apparent reason — and it hints at a worrying tre...

Devices connected through the Internet of Things are the source of many creative hacks, according to the Darktrace 2018 Threat Report.

Even the parking lot underneath Apple’s $5 billion campus is beautifully designed

According to a new dashcam video posted by a Lyft driver, Apple Park has a highly efficient system of turns, underground tunnels, and LED lighting. It's a little reminiscent of how airports direct traffic — fitting, given that the unofficial nickname for Apple Park is the "spaceship."

Here’s what really happens to your car when you use an automated parking garage

Automotion Parking Systems builds custom automated parking garages. The systems are designed to be modular and customizable where platforms move cars between different levels and spaces efficiently. Here's more on how they work.

Someone just paid over $600,000 for a parking spot in Hong Kong

Parking a luxury car in Hong Kong is going to cost you.

Apple’s new $5 billion campus has more space for parking than offices

This gives a new meaning to the name "Apple Park."

Google Maps may soon tell you how bad the parking is at your destination

A beta version of Google Maps allows Android users to check how full the parking lots are wherever they may be going.