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Pfizer has a new strategy for neuroscience research.

Drug giant Pfizer isn’t ready to abandon neuroscience — here’s its $150-million ‘star cluster’ strategy for betting on p...

Execs from pharma giant Pfizer shared their strategy for keeping an eye on neuroscience — if not from the front row, then at least from the sidelines.
Alice Zhang, co-founder and CEO of drug discovery company Verge Genomics

Meet the 29-year-old who founded a company that’s using technology to find treatments for diseases thought to be incurable

Verge Genomics is using technology to develop new treatments for diseases thought to be incurable such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS.

Patient groups have a message for anyone thinking of taking 23andMe’s new test

There are now 10 tests 23andMe can market about increased risk to certain diseases, which patient groups hope users will discuss with genetic counselors.

The crazy, eccentric, successful life of Google cofounder Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin cofounded Google with Larry Page and now serves as the president of Alphabet. Here's a look at how he got to where he is today.

An experimental treatment to help Parkinson’s patients respond to medication better appears to be working

In very early stage results from a tiny trial, Voyager showed that patients who got a higher dose of its got a better response to their medication.

The Nike self-lacing sneaker from ‘Back to the Future II’ is finally available — but there’s a huge catch

The Nike Mag, first featured as a vision of the future in 1989's "Back to the Future II," will finally become a reality this month.

Great story reveals that Muhammad Ali was able to use boxing late in life to find temporary relief from Parkinson’s

In 2008, Muhammad Ali showed up unexpectedly at Freddy Roach's gym in LA. Even though he couldn't shake hands, he wanted to work the heavy bag. And he could.

A drug that could change the way we treat Parkinson’s disease just got approved

The FDA decided to approve the antipsychotic Parkinson's disease drug Nuplazid.

Here’s what happens in our brain when we lose our train of thought

When we're surprised, a part of the brain springs into action that consequently makes us forget what we were going to say next.

A drug giant is partnering with IBM to get wearables into the study of Parkinson’s

The health-tech collaboration aims to integrate the "internet of things" into clinical trials.