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Jake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion.

Los Angeles authorities are investigating claims that a woman may have been drugged at a party held by YouTuber Jake Paul

YouTuber Jake Paul threw a party at his Calabasas, California, home on Saturday to celebrate rapper Desiigner’s birthday.
The cruise was in Sydney Harbour.

Unsafe gas levels were found in a cruise ship bathroom where a 39-year-old woman was found dead

The woman, who has been identified as Shalina Abdul Hussien, was found unconscious about 4pm. She could not be resuscitated.
LuLaRoe founder DeAnne Stidham celebrated her birthday with a masquerade ball on Saturday.

LuLaRoe’s founder celebrated her birthday with a lavish masquerade party complete with acrobatic dancers and cardboard caricatures of her face w...

LuLaRoe founder DeAnne Stidham marked her birthday with a masquerade party. Washington's attorney general alleged the company was a "pyramid scheme."
Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson, Stormi Webster, and Kylie Jenner all dressed up for the party.

The Kardashians threw an extravagant Christmas Eve party at Kim and Kanye’s house

The reality star and rapper hosted the annual Kardashian bash at their Calabasas home and transformed their yard into a winter wonderland.

The best caviar you can buy to ring in the New Year

It's a New Year, or a new day, or something. Does it really matter? Just treat yourself with the best caviar you can buy.
Of course, it's a boy.

10 of the most over-the-top gender reveal stunts of 2018

The most over-the-top gender reveals of the 2018

A 15-year-old’s birthday sparked riot concerns after 28,000 people said they’d attend

A 15-year-old sent an invite to friends over Snapchat for a party on Friday in the small Dutch town of Katwijk. Then it went viral.
1,300 men took over a cruise ship (not pictured) in September.

A cruise line was forced to refund passengers after 1,300 men took over a boat and turned it into a ‘bachelor party’ with burlesque dancer...

In September, a group of 1,300 men commandeered a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The men, who were on the boat for a work trip, commandeered the boat for three nights with raucous partying, according to passengers.

What it’s like to visit Burning Man, one of the wildest, most surreal events in the world

For nine days, Black Rock City, Nevada, is overtaken by 70,000 people to become Burning Man, one of the wildest art events in the world. Here's a look inside.
A night in Moscow will be a lot kinder on the bank than a night in Zurich.

RANKED: The 13 cheapest party cities in the world in 2018

Data from UBS reveals which cities in the world will hurt your wallets the most — and the least.