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What it’s like to travel when you don’t have the power of a privileged passport

If you are Syrian like me, the process of traveling is not so easy. Here's what I go through whenever I want to visit another country.

Foreigners are snapping up real estate on a tiny Mediterranean island to get EU citizenship, and it highlights the significance of 2nd passports as st...

Malta has one of the world's strongest real-estate markets, The Wall Street Journal reported. The draws are plenty: great weather and EU citizenship.

The 21 most powerful passports in the world

Citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners just updated its 2018 passport index, which reveals how many countries you can travel to without a visa. Here's how the top 21 nations stack up.
Multiple passports are seen as a status symbol among the world's elite.

A foreign passport is the latest status symbol, and rich people are spending up to $200,000 to buy it

Rich people are buying second (or third) passports via Citizenship Investment Programs (CIPs), which allow them to invest in a country in exchange for citizenship. A CIP can cost anywhere from $100,000 in St. Lucia to more than $2 million in Cyprus — but for some, the status it evokes is worth it.

Over 80% of Brits would pay more for a 2nd passport than they spend on monthly rent

Nearly 15% even said they would give 50% of their annual salary.

The world’s most powerful passports let travelers into 158 countries without a visa

The Passport Index reveals which countries' citizens can travel to other countries without a visa. Here's why the top two have the most options.