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It's easy to change your Discord password.

How to change your Discord account password, and keep your data secure

To change your Discord password, head to your account options menu on your computer or mobile device.
It's easy to delete your saved passwords on Firefox.

How to delete your saved passwords on a Firefox browser, so no one can log in using your data

You can delete saved passwords on Firefox at any time via the browser's "Privacy & Security" settings menu.
It only takes a few clicks to change your Spotify password.

How to change your Spotify password in 2 ways, and keep your account as secure as possible

You can easily change your Spotify password by accessing your account on the Spotify website. You can also reset your password from the site.
It's a good idea to lock your iPad when you're not using it.

How to lock your iPad with a passcode, fingerprint, or facial scan, and make it nearly impenetrable to strangers

Before you lock your iPad, you should set up a security method. Depending on your iPad model, this can include Touch ID or Face ID.
A classroom at Justus Liebig University, which was the victim of a cyber attack.

A university had to hand out paper passwords to 38,000 students and staff after being hacked

The ordeal illustrates how a coordinated malware attack can bring an entire institution to a grinding halt.
Ring's stick-up camera is one of several Ring camera products.

Yet another Ring home camera system was broken into, and this time the intruders used it to harass the home’s owners

The woman said the intruder began making offensive remarks, and was able to see her in real time. "... He was tapping into my bedroom camera."
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The biggest password flubs of 2019, from Facebook’s stolen data to Lisa Kudrow’s Instagram

The actress Lisa Kudrow also made the list for accidentally posting a photo on Instagram of her password written on a sticky note.

Google’s Chrome browser will now alert you if you enter a password that hackers have already stolen

The new feature works by checking people's passwords against a database of compromised login credentials from past hacks and data breaches.
Google Chrome occasionally updates with bug fixes or new features.

How to save passwords in Google Chrome, and manage or update them with your Google account

You can save a password in Google Chrome and access saved passwords whenever you're logged into your Google account. Here's how to do it.