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There aren't many women at the table at Citi.

Citigroup says it pays women 29% less than men in report that the bank’s HR chief calls ‘difficult’

Citigroup says female employees make 29% less than male ones across its global workforce, and that women make up fewer senior positions.
Cindy Robbins is the president and chief people officer of Salesforce.

IGNITION 2018: Learn from Cindy Robbins, who helped persuade Marc Benioff to fix the gender pay gap at Salesforce

At IGNITION 2018, hear more about what Salesforce, Cindy Robbins, and Marc Benioff have done to correct the $8.7 million wage gap and what the company's efforts mean for the rest of the tech industry.

Regular workers now have to work for 167 years to make as much as CEOs do in one

Chief Executive pay at Britain's largest listed companies grew six times faster than the salary of the wider workforce, as the pay for an average FTSE CEO rose to £3.9 million or around $5 million, The Guardian reported.

Silicon Valley’s pay gap between women and men in tech is so wide it increases the national average

Women in the tech industry might be paid more in Silicon Valley than they would be in New Orleans or Kansas City even after removing housing fees, but the gap between their salaries and their male counterparts is considerably bigger. In Kansas City, the pay gap even goes in the opposite direction.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce has spent $6 million on pay raises for women — and fired an executive

Salesforce just doesn't just talk about being a good employer for women, it acts, CEO Marc Benioff says.

It’s Equal Pay Day — and the wage gap is better than everyone thinks

Opinion: Tuesday is Equal Pay Day. It's worth taking a deeper look at the data to find out what it means.
Many of the jobs that we found to have high wage gaps are blue collar roles, where women make up a fraction of the employee pool.

The 19 jobs in the US with the biggest gender pay gaps

Gender pay gaps affect women across industries — but here are the occupations where the pay discrepancies are the most significant.
Sadie Samuels, a lobster fisher in Rockport, Maine.

One chart shows how much more men make than women in 25 major cities

In 2018, American women earn approximately 19.5% less than their male colleagues. But that percentage varies widely by race and location.

Apple pays its female staff up to 26% less than men in the UK

Men dominate Apple's management (71%), where bonuses are higher, while women are more numerous in the lower ranks (32%), where bonuses are smaller.
Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein speaks at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, U.S., September 20, 2017.

Goldman Sachs has a 56% gender pay gap in the UK — and 72% when bonuses are included

Goldman said in a blog post that "the advancement of women in the workplace is top of mind for us" but conceded that "we have significant work to do."