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Facebook just named two women to its board as it seeks gender parity — here are 13 tech companies that have recently diversified their boardroom...

Facebook just added two women to its board, joining companies like Stitch Fix and HP in bringing more diverse voices to the table.

Honey’s cofounder just bought a $60 million ‘Sky Garden’ Bel Air mansion after selling his company to PayPal for $4 billion

The nine-bedroom, 14 bathroom house was designed by South African firm SAOTA as a "sky garden." It also has four kitchens and a guest house.

‘Interesting tightrope to be on’: PayPal’s credit chief balances coronavirus threat against healthy consumer demand

"It's really weird to see how strong the consumer is and how volatile everything still is," Esch said.
Apple cofounders Steve Wozniak, left, and Steve Jobs.

From Facebook to Tesla, here are the lesser-known cofounders of some of the biggest tech companies in the world

We tend to forget that Steve Jobs, Travis Kalanick, and Bill Gates, didn't create Apple, Uber, and Microsoft alone.
It's easy to change your payment method on Airbnb for general use or upcoming reservations.

‘Does Airbnb accept PayPal?’: It does, though not in all countries — here’s what you need to know

Airbnb does accept PayPal as a payment method, though not in all regions, and it's easy to make a reservation using PayPal where it's available.
You can transfer money internationally on PayPal.

‘What is PayPal Express Checkout?’: Here’s what you need to know about the service now called ‘PayPal Checkout’

PayPal Express Checkout, now known as PayPal Checkout, makes it easier for customers to make payments.
It's easy to change your PayPal password on the website, but you won't be able to do it in the mobile app.

You can’t delete your PayPal history without deleting your account as well — here’s how to do it

You can't delete your PayPal history, but you can delete your account instead and accomplish basically the same thing. Here's what you should know.
Boomers love the post office.

Gen Z and boomers have nothing in common when it comes to their most trusted brands

Gen Z consumers are quite less trusting in companies as a whole than members of the baby boomer generation.
Currently, you can't use cash to pay for Uber Eats if you're located in the U.S.

‘Can you pay cash for Uber Eats?’: Yes, but not in the U.S. — here’s how to pay for Uber Eats in all locations

To pay cash for Uber Eats, you have to use the app in specific locations outside the U.S. Users in the U.S. can use PayPal as an alternative.