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Here are the companies that top the worldwide PC market today

HP and Dell are on the up. Everyone else? Not so much.

PC sales in 2016 were the lowest they’ve been in a decade

The traditional PC continued its freefall in 2016.

The new MacBook Pro could help Apple preserve an impressive streak

Apple has traditionally outperformed of the rest of the PC market.

Apple needs to release new Macbooks soon or it’s in big trouble

Apple's market share is sinking way faster than industry average. It needs a new Macbook.

HP CEO: Why the PC industry is like ‘stale fish’

Microsoft's Windows 10 hasn't yet made a lot of people want to go out and buy new PCs, according to HP CEO Dion Weisler.

Don’t expect Windows 10 to save sinking PC sales until 2017

PC sales will drop another 7.3% this year and remain flat next year, according to Gartner's new data.