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Microsoft executive Peggy Johnson uses her love of running to get the upper hand in business negotiations.

A Microsoft exec and marathoner holds business meetings while running — and goes just fast enough that her negotiating partners can’t talk...

Microsoft executive Peggy Johnson uses her love of running to get the upper hand in business negotiations, according to a recent profile in The Wall Street Journal.
Microsoft executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft

Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson has a new plan to get a 60% better return on investment for her corporate VC fund

Microsoft deal maker Peggy Johnson explains that the contest is an effort "put her money where her mouth is" when it comes to encouraging more women in tech, and its good business, too.

How Peggy Johnson became Microsoft’s ‘deal-maker-in-chief’ by helping lead the $26 billion LinkedIn acquisition and 40 other investm...

Peggy Johnson became Microsoft's "deal-maker-in-chief" after 25 years at Qualcomm. Here's how she did it.

Microsoft exec Peggy Johnson tells us why Nissan is betting big on Microsoft’s car strategy

Nissan is going all-in on Microsoft tech in its cars, and we talked to Microsoft's chief of partnerships to explain why.

Aaron Levie’s famous sense of humor has rubbed off on Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson

She's cracking some pretty good jokes on Twitter.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told his first big hire: ‘Make Silicon Valley our new best friend’

Peggy Johnson joined Microsoft in 2014 after spending 25 years at Qualcomm.

Microsoft is changing how it invests in startups and has a new leader to help

The new Microsoft Ventures is a strategic investment fund and may consolidate a bunch of previous efforts under new leader Nagraj Kashyap

Microsoft bizdev chief Peggy Johnson on big acquisitions, partnering with enemies, and HoloLens

Microsoft is now building apps for competing platforms, and it feels good about it.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first big hire talks about why it partners up with competitors

Microsoft EVP Peggy Johnson talks about partnerships at Business Insider IGNITION

Satya Nadella’s first big hire as Microsoft CEO tells why she took the job

Peggy Johnson was Satya Nadella's first major hire as Microsoft's CEO. She calls Nadella a "change agent."