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Peloton streams classes to the screens on customers' equipment including ones led by cycling instructor Cody Rigsby.

Peloton’s sales are surging as it gears up for an IPO. Insiders and analysts think it may only be getting started.

Investors and analysts say the fitness equipment maker has more in common with Apple and Gillette than rivals such as Life Fitness and NordicTrac.
The microbiome testing company uBiome has come under scrutiny after an FBI raid.

The inside story at uBiome, disrupting Wall Street from within, and Peloton’s prospects

Here are the biggest business stories of the past week, ranging from the inside story on poop-testing startup uBiome, to highlights from our IGNITION: Finance event.
Peloton CEO John Foley is steering his startup to an expected initial public offering later this year.

Peloton is about to IPO. Here’s why its business could enchant investors the way its exercise bikes have dazzled fitness geeks.

Business has been booming for the smart fitness equipment maker — as has its valuation. And investors and analysts are optimistic about its future.
Grab the best seat in advance.

SoulCycle is copying an airline strategy to get more out of its most loyal members

SoulCycle has launched a new service where customers can book classes and the exact bike they want to be on 24 hours earlier than usual.

High-tech fitness startup Peloton said it just filed for an IPO. Here’s what it’s like to use its $2,000 bike.

High-tech fitness startup Peloton has gained a cult following of fans who are obsessed with its indoor bike. Here's what it's like to use.

Peloton has confidentially filed to go public

The maker of luxury indoor exercise bikes has filed a confidential draft IPO document with regulators.
Peloton stationary bikes cost $1,995. To find out if they're worth it, I took a class everyday for two weeks straight.

I took a Peloton cycling class every day for 2 weeks straight. Here’s what happened.

Peloton's $1,995 stationary bike has exploded in popularity. But is it worth the hype? I tried it for two weeks to find out.
Peloton removed some of its classes.

Peloton took down workout classes featuring songs at the center of a $150 million lawsuit, and some users are furious

Peloton said earlier this week that it would remove classes featuring songs that are the focus of a new lawsuit. Some users are furious about that.
Peloton's bike allows you to stream classes live from home.

Peloton is reportedly a step closer to an IPO that could value it at more than $8 billion. Here’s how this high-tech fitness company compares to...

SoulCycle and Peloton both offer indoor cycling classes with a cult following. But who does it better?