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Sea Life London Aquarium's Charlotte Barcas with its first gender neutral Gentoo chick.

The same-sex penguin couple who adopted a chick at a London aquarium are raising it ‘genderless’

The adopted Gentoo chick will become Sea Life London Aquarium's first penguin not to have its gender assigned.

This adorable penguin egg cooker can boil 6 eggs in 6 minutes to make breakfast a breeze

With "Egguins" you can boil and serve your eggs inside the little penguins' stomachs, and store your leftovers there as well.
One of the birds, during the rescue mission.

A pair of penguins had to be removed by police after making a home under a sushi shop

The animals were released into the Wellington Harbour. However, the animals soon reappeared at the restaurant.
There are more than 17 penguin species.

23 fascinating things you never knew about penguins

From blue penguins, the world's smallest species, to gentoo penguins, the world's fastest, these avians are as interesting as they are adorable.
Actual penguins, not faux penguins.

A worldwide penguin shortage has forced a UK zoo to use fake penguins in its penguin enclosure

The Telford Exotic Zoo in the United Kingdom had been expecting a delivery of six Humboldt penguins in July. However, a worldwide shortage of the flightless birds — thanks to an outbreak of avian malaria — has forced the zoo to fill its empty enclosure with plastic versions of the real thing.
Were penguins always flightless? Or did they evolve that way?

A fossil shows how ancient penguins were as tall as people for 30 million years

Scientists discovered a fossil of a giant penguin with a body length of around 150 centimetres.
An Adelie penguin is seen near Commandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Station located in Admiralty Bay, King George Island on the Antarctic continent.

A remarkable penguin ‘supercolony’ of over 1.5 million birds has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica — take a look

Adélie penguins have been declining on the Antarctic Peninsula. But on the Danger Islands off the coast of Antarctica, researchers found a new 'supercolony.'

Scientists predict that 60 percent of these miniature penguins could be gone by 2099

A new study published today predicts that 60% of the Adélie penguin population will disappear by the year 2099.