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And I would drive 400 miles.

A man drove a stranger 400 miles out of the way to visit his dying mother

Dean Moore drove Sharleen and Ron Gillies 400-miles roundtrip to visit a terminally ill relative. It was a not-so-little act of kindness.
Leeann Johnson is a haul truck driver in Nevada.

Stunning photos of women doing ‘men’s work’ shatter gender stereotypes

Photographer Chris Crisman's photo series titled "Women's Work," features individuals working in male-dominated fields who prove that sometimes, the right man for the job is a woman.

The woman who was injured by a jaguar while attempting to take a selfie suggests the zoo should ‘look into moving their fence back’

Speaking to CBS News, the woman apologized for her actions but said that the zoo should consider reconfiguring its jaguar enclosure.
Philadelphia Police believe the pizza delivery man was lured into a trap.

A Philadelphia man was robbed and killed after delivering a pizza to an abandoned house — and police say it fits into a recent pattern

On Tuesday, someone ordered a pizza in Philadelphia. Bobby Jenkins, 30, made the delivery to the abandoned house, where he was robbed and killed.
The Book Catapult.

A bookstore owner needed emergency open heart surgery, and his competitors kept the shop running

After Seth Marko needed open-heart surgery, he and his wife Jennifer Powell closed their shop, The Book Catapult. Then their competitors stepped in.
John Lasseter.

Actress Emma Thompson sent a searing letter to Skydance when she quit its movie over John Lasseter’s hiring: ‘If a man has been touching w...

John Lasseter leads Skydance Animation though he left Pixar after allegations of inappropriate behavior. Emma Thompson isn't happy with his second chance.
Popular DJ deadmau5 has a longstanding relationship with the video game industry.

deadmau5 accuses Twitch of censorship after being suspended for using homophobic language during a live stream

The artist accused Twitch of holding him to a double standard, but did not deny using homophobic slurs during a live outburst on his own stream.
Kanye West jumps onstage as Taylor Swift accepts her award for the Best Female Video award during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

How to talk to people you don’t get along with, according to someone who does it all the time

Here are four ways to keep things cordial with people you can't stand, according to a certified behaviorist.
Tom Brady's daughter's face was perfectly reflected in the Lombardi trophy after the Patriots' Super Bowl win.

21 stunning photos that were taken at the perfect time

Fractions of a second can make the difference between an iconic photo and a blurry outtake.
Walgreens pharmacy.

A woman filled 745,000 prescriptions at Walgreens, but she wasn’t a pharmacist

Kim Thien Le claimed that she held a degree from Creighton University, but the California Board of Pharmacy says that she never graduated.