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A 7-year-old boy is making $11 million a year on YouTube reviewing toys

The 7-year-old Ryan of YouTube's Ryan ToysReview made $11 million in revenue this year from his YouTube account, according to Forbes.

People with less money may be more likely to share their wealth than the rich, according to a new study

A new study from Queen Mary University of London found that people with less wealth are more likely to contribute to a group pot than those who are higher status. But the researchers concluded this may not have anything to do with empathy.
Michael Moore in "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Michael Moore gives details on his anti-Trump documentary and shares the release date

The Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore went on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Thursday night and showed a clip from his upcoming documentary on Donald Trump, "Fahrenheit 11/9."
Terry Crews speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Terry Crews said he was dropped from ‘Expendables 4’ in retaliation for his allegation of sexual assault against a Hollywood agent

Terry Crews testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in a hearing about the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights and said he was dropped from "Expendables 4" in retaliation.

Ray Liotta loved working with Jennifer Lopez on the TV series ‘Shades of Blue,’ but had one complaint

The cop drama "Shades of Blue" ends its series run with its third season, and Ray Liotta admits there was one thing about Jennifer Lopez that he wasn't fond of.

Scientists think they have found the reason some people are left-handed — and it has nothing to do with the brain

The answer to why some people are left handed could lie in your spinal cord, according to some research.

Bill Cosby found guilty of sexual assault

Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts in his retrial in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He faces up to 30 years in prison.
Actor Dwayne Johnson arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Rampage' at the Microsoft Theatre on April 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

The Rock says he would have joined the NFL protests against police brutality and racial inequality

Johnson, who is not particularly vocal about politics, also criticized President Trump's response to the protests.

31 celebrities who have publicly supported Donald Trump

From Mike Tyson to Roseanne Barr, many celebrities have shown their support for Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and as president.
Seth Rogen and Stormy Daniels.

Seth Rogen says Stormy Daniels told him about her alleged Trump affair ‘around 10 years ago’

Actor Seth Rogen said on "Ellen" Monday that adult-film star Stormy Daniels told him of her alleged affair with President Trump nearly a decade ago.