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Over 13,000 people sign petition calling Malaysian senator who wanted to protect men from committing rape to resign

The senator's apology and retraction of his proposal did little to dissipate the public’s anger.

Malaysian senator proposes new law to ‘protect’ men who are ‘seduced’ by women into committing rape and incest

The senator said that his proposal should be given due consideration so that "the men in this country are safe, and the country is peaceful”.

Anwar Ibrahim denies telling FT that some in own party are trying to block him from premiership

“I never said that. No fake news will be entertained," Anwar has reportedly said.

Anwar Ibrahim wins PKR presidency – he will be next in line to take over as prime minister when Mahathir Mohamad steps down

Anwar unofficially won the post in an uncontested election, state news agency Bernama reported.

Malaysia sentences opposition lawmaker to jail ahead of polls

Rafizi Ramli was ja...