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The People’s Vote campaign for a second Brexit referendum is in meltdown as staff stage walkout over sackings

The leading campaign group for a new Brexit referendum is at war with itself after senior members of staff were sacked on Monday.
Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

‘The people have spoken’: How Remain parties beat hard Brexiteers in European elections

The combined vote share of the explicitly anti-Brexit parties was bigger than that of the Brexit Party and UKIP.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to campaign for new referendum to stop Brexit

Labour authorities this week decide whether Jeremy Corbyn's party should explicitly commit to holding a new referendum on Brexit.
Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt says Brexit could be stopped ‘in the next couple of weeks’

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warns that campaigners to stop Brexit are now almost two thirds of the way to succeeding.

How People’s Vote campaigners believe a referendum on Brexit could still be won

Campaigners for a new Brexit referendum believe their long-term strategy will ultimately win the day.

People’s Vote campaigners are seriously ‘demoralised’ after May defeats plan to delay Brexit

Campaigners for a new referendum consider their next steps after Theresa May defeated a number of amendments on Tuesday evening.

The People’s Vote campaign approaches judgement day in battle to secure a new Brexit referendum

There are growing disagreements in the People's Vote campaign about their strategy to convince a majority of MPs to support a new Brexit referendum.
Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer.

Keir Starmer says Labour is closer to backing a new Brexit referendum

Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary told a conference on Saturday that Labour was approaching the point of backing a new "public vote" on Brexit
Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell

More Labour MPs join campaign to force Corbyn to back new Brexit referendum

The Labour MPs declared their support for a People's Vote on Wednesday morning, putting pressure on leader Jeremy Corbyn to back a new vote.
People's Vote supporters Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, Labour's Chuka Umunna and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

MPs produce legislation for holding a Brexit referendum in the next few months

Anti-Brexit MPs have created legislation designed to deliver a referendum on Theresa May's deal versus staying in the European Union.