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Bella Thorne attending the 2019 Porn Hub Awards.

Bella Thorne posted photos of herself dancing in a bikini because she was so ‘excited’ she got her period

The images were apparently taken when the 22-year-old was celebrating July 4 with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, on a yacht off the coast of Sicily.
Drinking smoothies that have a lot of sugar might make your period worse.

7 foods and drinks that can make your period worse

From caffeinated drinks to salty snacks, here are some foods and drinks that could be making your period symptoms worse.
Consuming a lot of caffeine could be causing your period cramps to be more painful.

6 things that could be making your period worse

From undiagnosed medical conditions to consuming lots of caffeine, here are some things that could be making your period worse.
London restaurant The Book Club is serving "period pancakes."

A London restaurant is serving ‘period pancakes’ complete with tampon-shaped macarons

The dish is an effort to raise awareness of and funds for period poverty through the charity Big Bloody Brunch.

The best menstrual cups you can buy

These are the best menstrual cups you can buy if you want to stop using pads and tampons during your period.
If you notice your period changes when you travel, you're not alone.

Traveling can affect your period. Here’s how.

Changes in time zone, habit, or stress levels often accompany travel. Here's how this may cause irregularities with your period.

8 answers to common questions about ovulation you’ve been too afraid to ask

Ovulation is a concept that many people don't understand. INSIDER asked experts to break down the answers to some common questions.
In some states, tampons are no longer subject to sales tax.

8 myths about having sex while on your period that you need to stop believing

Here are the answers to some of the most common period sex questions and popular period sex myths debunked, according to experts.
A sanitary pad could save your life.

12 reasons your period could be late that have nothing to do with being pregnant

A late or irregular period could be caused by a variety of things. Here are some reasons your period could be late, aside from pregnancy.
Period sex doesn't have to be messy or stressful.

10 tips for having great sex while on your period

Period sex doesn't have to be stressful— it can actually be a pleasurable experience. Here's how you can have great sex on your period.