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They paid off their $330,000 mortgage in five years.

6 genius tips from a couple who paid off $330,000 of debt in 5 years

Tai and Talaat McNeely of His & Her Money paid off $330,000 in just five years — on one income. Their tricks included using 13 bank accounts, turning hobbies into side hustles, and being super organized. Their tips can help you pay off huge debt, no matter how impossible it seems.
Ethical hackers make more than $80,000 a year to keep companies' information secure.

9 high-paying jobs you never knew existed

Did you know you could make up to $250,000 as a feng shui consultant for celebrities? Or $86,265 as an enterostomal therapist? The median household income in the US is about $59,000, but these nine jobs all pay at least $75,000 a year — and you've probably never heard of them.
Kristin Lee is an accountant-to-the-stars.

Meet the 35-year-old celebrity money manager who has clients with a net worth of up to $50 million

Kristin Lee handles the finances of high-profile actors, musicians, writers, producers, and athletes who have net worths of up to $50 million. She opens their mail, does their taxes, pays their nannies and housekeepers, tries to keep them from spending all their money, and much more.
Princess Charlotte holds major sway in the fashion world.

3-year-old Princess Charlotte is worth $4.3 billion to the British economy — a lot more than her older brother, Prince George

Princess Charlotte, the 3-year-old daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton who steals hearts each time she makes a public appearance, could be worth about $4.3 billion to the British economy over her lifetime. Her value comes mainly from her already hefty influence in the fashion world.
I told myself this cash would be for essentials ONLY.

I tried not spending any money for a month — here are 5 things I learned after failing in the first week

I challenged myself to do a "no-spend" month where I only spent money on necessities, which meant no eating out or grabbing after-work drinks, and no shopping. Spoiler alert: the "no-spend" month ended up being only five days of no spending. Here's what happened and why I failed so spectacularly.
Travel on the cheap with these little-known hacks.

18 brilliant ways to save money on travel from people who do it all the time

Traveling can be expensive — but not if you know the tricks to keep costs way down. INSIDER spoke to seven travel bloggers to learn their top tips for saving money while traveling. Be flexible, negotiate prices, and know the tricks to scoring rewards and major discounts.
The micro-investing app, Acorns, allows users to invest their spare change.

Spare change investing app Acorns is working with an economist that wants you to skip your Starbucks latte to save for retirement

Acorns, the micro-investing app that allows users to invest their spare cash, has appointed a behavioral economist to chair an advisory committee and to lead an innovative project encouraging people to save more money.
Just as you may go to friends for advice after a fight with your partner, you may also seek out money advice from those around you.

8 people share the best money advice they’ve ever received

Money advice from those you trust can guide you towards your goals. Some of the best money advice can come from an expert or someone who has reached an important financial milestone. Here, seven people share the best money advice they have received, and how it changed their lives.
Serena Williams has been making her own financial decisions since she was a teenager.

‘I never touched it’: Serena Williams tried to deposit her first million-dollar check in the bank drive-thru

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is back to compete at the US Open in New York City this week. Though she's ended up one of the world's highest-paid female athletes, she's never played for the money.
If you're having trouble saving money, these 11 books may be useful to you.

11 books to read if you want to save more money

Money allows you satisfy your needs and splurge on things that are valuable to you. Saving a comfortable amount of money takes careful budgeting, though some may have trouble building wealth. Below, 11 personal finance books offer advice for budgeting, getting out of debt, and managing your money.