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The much-hyped wide receiver the Seahawks drafted came to his first meeting with the team without a shirt — so Pete Carroll took his shirt off, ...

DK Metcalf gained pre-draft hype for his muscular body, so Pete Carroll decided to match him at their pre-draft meeting.

Russell Wilson and Seahawks face scrutiny after appearing to skip concussion protocol during ‘Thursday Night Football’

Russell Wilson left the field for just one play after taking a hard hit to the jaw, and his quick comeback could be a violation of league rules.

Both the Seahawks and the Titans skipped the national anthem, and it made for a surreal scene on the nearly empty field

The Seahawks and the Titans decided to skip the anthem altogether in response to President Donald Trump's comments over the weekend regarding player protests.

Richard Sherman is reportedly inconsolable over the Seahawks’ Super Bowl collapse 3 years ago, and it’s caused a rift within the team

Richard Sherman is still angry about the Seahawks' final play in their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, and it points to a philosophical divide within the team.