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This dog and duck make quite the duo.

12 adorable photos of unlikely animal friends

From a dachshund that made friends with a hedgehog to a tiger cub that befriended puppies, animal friendships can be unexpected but incredibly cute.
BeeJay has been described as "a chonk of a chonk."

A truly enormous cat named ‘Big Boi Mr. B’ enchanted the internet after a shelter put out a call for someone to adopt him

If the Twitter response is anything to go by, BeeJay should have no trouble finding a new home.
Feline fanatics, consider yourselves vindicated — research says the "crazy cat lady" trope is a myth.

The ‘crazy cat lady’ myth has been debunked — it turns out cat owners aren’t more lonely or anxious than anyone else

Researchers found that cat owners, dog owners, and pet-less folks all had similar levels of depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.
Cats and dogs can sometimes get along quite well.

12 things to know if you want to have both a cat and a dog at the same time

Having two pets of different species can be a handful and although it's possible to care for both animals, there's no guarantee they'll get along
Your dog can oftentimes get their own drink at Starbucks.

9 chain restaurants with special menu items for dogs

When ordering your own food, you can also treat your pet to a Starbucks Puppuccino or even a Shake Shack Pooch-ini.

8 things every pet owner should know, according to experts

Sometimes the way you talk to your dog can impact how well it listens and behaves. Plus, you could be feeding your pet too much.
Don't be fooled.

Bunnies are wreaking havoc on a California city: ‘We all thought it was pretty cute at first’

Residents believe the bunnies are descendants of escaped pets, which got loose in December.

The best products to keep your indoor cat entertained

Indoor cats need more than just plush toys to keep them active and sharp. They need window seats and enclosures so their minds stay entertained.

The YouTuber who accidentally uploaded raw footage showing her hitting her pet dog is being investigated by the police

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that their animal-cruelty task force is aware of Brooke Houts and "looking into the matter."
In some cases, female and male dogs can experience different health problems.

5 of the biggest differences between male and female dogs

In addition to having some obvious biological differences, female and male dogs sometimes act differently, too.