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The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl works like a charm for any kind of diet, from store-bought kibble to homemade.

This dog bowl slows down dogs that eat too fast and can prevent bloat — here’s how it works

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl compartmentalizes food with sturdy BPA-free plastic ridges to prevent a dog from scarfing it down too quickly.
Who knew dogs looked so much like blueberries?

Dogs are cleverly Photoshopped into pictures of food — can you spot them?

The appeal of Instagram account Dogs In Food is all in the name. It's the middle of the Venn diagram for foodies and dog lovers.

This dog crate doubles as an end table — most of my guests don’t even realize what it is

This wooden dog crate blends with the rest of my furniture — most would think it's only an end table. It's sturdy, durable, and comfortable for my dog.

This no-pull dog harness transforms walks from stressful to relaxed — here’s how it works and why I recommend it if you struggle with leas...

Not all dog harnesses are created equal. If you struggle with leash-pulling, the Balance Harness can transform your walks from stressful to no-pull.

22 things I wish I had when I brought my new puppy home

Before bringing home a new puppy, pick up these essentials so they are well taken care of. You'll need puppy food, potty training products, and more.
My dog is prone to allergies and regularly cleaning his paws with the MudBuster is our best defense against them.

I clean my dog’s paws with this simple, easy-to-use product — it’s made the process less stressful for me and my dog

The Mudbuster paw cleaner helps keep dogs' paws clean of dirt, chemicals from salted roads, and fertilizers. It's helped me protect my dog's paw pads.
The Wild One Air Travel Carrier has a sturdy rigid bottom that balances securely on top of luggage.

This airline-approved pet carrier is comfortable for small dogs and convenient for their owners — here’s what we love about it

This Wild One dog carrier is a soft-sided airline-approved pet carrier that's lightweight yet sturdy. Here's what it's like to use.
Aside from a new family, Dumpling the blind labrador has a new best friend named Bob.

A blind Labrador named Dumpling found a new family after she was left at the pound and nursed back to health, and the photos will warm your heart

Dumpling also has a new best friend named Bob at her home in Australia, and is becoming an Instagram star.
"Old Yeller" still breaks our hearts.

From Toto to Lassie, here are the world’s most famous dogs

From real dogs to cartoons, here are the most famous dogs in recent history, proving that they really are man's best friend.
Meet Jubilee.

A cross-eyed husky who ended up at a shelter because her breeder said she looked ‘weird’ is now breaking hearts online

Jubilee is a 4-year-old, female husky with cross eyes, a gigantic smile, and expressive eyebrows. And she's looking for a home.