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A bank in Singapore just launched insurance for pets – but you’re out of luck if your pet is not a cat or dog

With rising pet medical costs, more pet owners are turning to purchasing pet insurance to offset any costs that may result from unexpected injuries or accidents.
Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn on "Game of Thrones," is in a new campaign video for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

‘Game of Thrones’ star Jerome Flynn urges fans to think hard before adopting direwolf-like huskies, which are being abandoned in huge numb...

The actor, who plays Bronn on the HBO show, is in a new campaign video for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The 2020 Democratic primary is filled with very good dogs

Until President Donald Trump took office, almost every recent US president has had pets in the White House.
Nick Abbott and his dog, Emerson, are both deaf.

‘It was meant to be’: A deaf man adopted a dog with a hearing impairment, and he’s training him using sign language

Emerson is now trained to sit and lay when Nick Abbott signs the commands.
Learn the ins-and-out of pet parenthood with these 12 books.

12 books to help new pet owners transition to pet parenthood

Being a first-time pet owner can be overwhelming. Prepare for your pet with these books for new dog, cat, bird, ferret, bunny, and reptile owners.
Cats are telling us different things depending on the noise they make.

14 myths about cats that you need to stop believing

From not being cuddly to being able to always land on their feet, here are some common myths and misconceptions about cats that aren't actually true.

The best automatic pet feeders you can buy

Automatic feeders can save pet owners a lot of time and energy. Here are the best automatic pet feeders you can buy for your cat or dog.
Even after years of being lost, some pets are sometimes found.

A family has been reunited with their pet cat after it ran away 11 years ago

The family cat, Fergie, was found in the same neighborhood by a neighbor over a decade later.
Picture perfect.

This photographer takes photos of dogs trying to catch treats, and the results will bring a smile to your face

Christian Vieler is a photographer who takes photos of dogs the moment that they try and catch dog treats, and the results are hilarious.

YouTubers Cole and Sav pranked their 6-year-old daughter by telling her they got rid of her puppy — and people think it’s pretty awful

The 14-minute vlog was an apparent April Fools' Day prank on their 6-year-old daughter, Everleigh.