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The author is not pictured.

I wanted to invest my retirement savings in socially responsible funds, and there’s only one robo-adviser that met my needs

The author chose to take her retirements accounts to Wealthsimple because of its socially responsible investing options and simple fee structure.
Financial planners say the best high-yield savings account is at Ally.

We asked financial planners for their favorite high-yield savings account, and almost everyone said the same thing

Business Insider asked financial planners for their favorite high-yield savings account. Most of them said the one at Ally, an online-only bank.
Jeff Rose.

I’m a financial adviser with $2.5 million of term life insurance. I know it seems like a lot, but there are 3 reasons I think it’s just ri...

As a financial adviser, it's my job to remind people that life insurance may need to replace their income for decades if they die young.

2 reasons any entrepreneur should consider getting life insurance

Parents aren't the only ones who may want to consider life insurance — small business owners should, too.
Consolidating debt puts all of your debts in one place.

Consolidating your debts may sound intimidating, but it can give you a huge head start worth thousands of dollars

Wondering how to consolidate debt? You can do it through personal loans, balance transfer cards, or home equity loans.
The author is not pictured.

When I started working for myself I never thought about disability insurance, but I’ve come to realize it couldn’t be more important

I didn't anticipate looking into disability insurance when I started freelancing. It never crossed my mind what would happen if I couldn't work.
Life insurance works by providing an income source to your family in the event of your death.

If you’ve never had life insurance before, this is exactly how to get it and why you should sign up when you’re young

How does life insurance work? It gives your loved ones an income source if you pass away, and a term policy won't cost you much per month.
Homeowners insurance covers damage related to weather and some catastrophic events.

What does homeowners insurance cover? Here’s how a standard policy works

Homeowners insurance covers damage to property and belongings, loss of use, liability for personal injury, and medical payments to others.

I’m a former banker, and this is the exact process I used to approve or deny loans

Your credit score, credit report, and debt-to-income ratio are all important factors in the loan approval process.

7 sneaky ways you could be hurting your credit without realizing it

For every strategy to improve your credit, there's a misstep that can set you back, like not applying for enough credit ... or for too much at once.