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How to get an advance supply of critical medicine to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak and quarantine

Experts recommend people who take life-saving medications like those for diabetes and heart disease stock up now. Here's how.
A nurse administers a flu vaccine in New York City.

Trump asked pharmaceutical execs if the flu vaccine could be used to stop the coronavirus. Here’s why that wouldn’t work.

While COVID-19 and influenza are both respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms, they are caused by two unrelated viruses.

Walgreens pays $7.5 million to settle lawsuit over past employee charged with pretending to be a pharmacist

The former employee is alleged to have worked for Walgreens for over a decade without a proper license.
A biotech lab.

A cancer-drug developer’s stock just surged more than 100% after Merck agreed to a multi-billion-dollar takeover

Merck offered $20 per share in the all-cash bid, more than double ArQule's Friday closing price. The deal is expected to close in early 2020.
Illustration photo shows various medicine pills in their original packaging in Brussels

Sage Therapeutics craters 64% after failing a key trial for its depression drug

The Cambridge-based drugmaker posted promising trial results for the key antidepressant earlier this year.

Johnson & Johnson climbs after settling two opioid epidemic lawsuits, allowing it to avoid an upcoming federal trial

The pharmaceutical giant paid $20.4 million to settle the two Ohio opioid lawsuits. J&J said the settlement includes no admission of liability.

Giant opiate producer Mallinckrodt could soon be completely worthless, analyst says

"The opiate litigation storm is speeding up," Trucchio wrote. He says court rulings could signal further losses for the company.

Malaysia is the only place where fake Panadol has been found – for now

GSK has already issued cease and desist orders to several entities in Malaysia.

Amgen will buy a blockbuster psoriasis drug for $13.4 billion — and it’s part of a plan to get Celgene’s mega-merger with Bristol-My...

Celgene agreed to a $74 billion merger with Bristol-Myers Squibb back in January 2019, and it's still awaiting regulatory approval.

15 mind-blowing facts about Walgreens

A Walgreens spokesperson told Business Insider that six million customers visit its locations every single day.