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Credit: Gritty via Twitter

The Gritty gift guide you didn’t know you needed

Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, is an American icon. These Gritty-themed gifts are an essential addition to any hockey fan's gift list.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a terrifying new mascot, and he’s already breaking the internet

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot on Monday morning, and he has been taking the internet by storm ever since.

Scary hit has a Flyers winger facing a lengthy suspension

Pierre-Édouard Bellemare is facing a lengthy suspension.

Flyers goalie made what is being called the Save of the Year

Michal Neuvirth made a diving stick save with less than two seconds to go.

We got our first look at the NHL’s new overtime format — it’s amazing

The Lightning and Flyers played 3-on-3 for overtime last night, and it was a wild, exhilarating time.