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Landfill pollution

China is refusing to take ‘foreign garbage’ from the US, so these 6 cities are burning or throwing away your recycling

Dozens of cities, including a few major ones, are treating recyclable goods as trash.
U.S. President Trump welcomes South Korea’s President Moon to the White House in Washington

US mayors call Trump’s bluff on sending detained migrants to sanctuary cities

"Like so many issues we are forced to talk about during this presidency, this isn't a real idea or a real proposal, it's just another scare tactic."
An Amazon Go store, which does not accept cash.

Cities and states around the country are banning stores from refusing to accept cash, and it’s a troubling trend for Amazon

The backlash against cashless stores is troubling news for expanding cashless chains like Amazon Go.
Philadelphia Police believe the pizza delivery man was lured into a trap.

A Philadelphia man was robbed and killed after delivering a pizza to an abandoned house — and police say it fits into a recent pattern

On Tuesday, someone ordered a pizza in Philadelphia. Bobby Jenkins, 30, made the delivery to the abandoned house, where he was robbed and killed.

A longtime homicide detective is accused of raping and groping dozens of young men who were victims or suspects in cases he investigated

Philip Nordo, 52, an ex-homicide detective in Philadelphia, is accused of grooming and sexually assaulting dozens of men over the course of years.
Shenzhen's China Resources Headquarters is the fourth tallest building completed in 2018.

The tallest skyscrapers of 2018 include a helipad, sky gardens, and an indoor skating rink

The tallest skyscrapers build in 2018 are mostly in China, with the exception of a few giant structures in Philadelphia and Malaysia.
Three Texas cities are in the top 10.

The 15 American cities with the biggest average homes, ranked

A new report looked at housing data in 45 US cities to figure out which ones have the biggest homes. Keep reading to see which 15 American cities have the biggest homes.
A monthly stay in a one-bedroom suite will cost you at least $5,250.

Forget Airbnb: The wealthy are spending months at a time in luxury extended-stay hotels that can cost upwards of $4,000 per month

For wealthy families and individuals who want the coziness of an Airbnb without the unpredictability and extra hassle, an increasingly popular option is to stay in luxury extended-stay hotels. At Roost Apartment Hotels, a monthly stay will cost you between roughly $4,200 and $12,300.
An American Airlines Airbus A330-200.

The CDC is investigating 2 separate American Airlines flights after 12 passengers became ill with flu-like symptoms

A dozen American Airlines passengers on two separate flights from Paris and Munich fell ill with flu-like symptoms at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday. The incident comes one day after an Emirates jet was quarantined at JFK Airport.
RNG's Heartland Biogas facility, an existing anaerobic digester in Colorado.

A Philadelphia refiner has a $120 million plan to create a machine that turns food scraps into natural gas

In Philadelphia, two companies have unveiled a $120 million plan to create an anaerobic digester. The machine would turn municipal food scraps into natural gas, which would be marketed to buses, trucks, and fleet vehicles.