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For around $100, the Mophie Juice Pack Access a small investment that keeps my phone charged without needing an external battery.

Mophie’s new charging case costs $30 less than Apple’s version and looks so much more streamlined

The Mophie Juice Pack Access extended the battery life on my phone and protected the screen when I accidentally dropped it. For $100, it's a great value.
No matter what you do, your phone's battery capacity — which translates to a battery's lifespan — will degrade over time as you use it.

You’ve been charging your smartphone all wrong

One of the most common charging habits could actually be affecting your smartphone battery's lifespan.

Design students created this clever solar-powered socket that sticks to windows

The sun powers the outlet when you stick it to a window.

This Minecraft artist loves Pokémon Go so much, he built the most vital accessory for the game ever

Minecraft's Spencer Kern built an amazing accessory for Pokémon Go players.