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Samsung’s long-awaited foldable phone is reportedly almost here — here are 7 things to expect from the Galaxy X

Here are some educated guesses as to what we can expect from the so-called Samsung Galaxy X, the electronics giant's foldable smartphone design — which could be coming in 2019.

Google Photos is Google’s best service — here’s why you should be using it

There's an amazingly easy way to free up space on your phone using a Google service that you already have, but probably aren't using.

A ton of details about the next big HTC smartphone were accidentally leaked by the company a day before the expected announcement

HTC accidentally leaked the specs for its new flagship phone, the U12 Plus, on one of its websites. It was quickly taken down, but here's what we learned.

The highly-anticipated OnePlus 6 — including its features, price, and release date — will be announced on May 16

There's a lot we already know about the OnePlus 6, but there's more to find out during the OnePlus event on May 18.

Australia’s defence department is phasing out Chinese phones after US intelligence issued security warnings

The phones were used for unclassified voice and text communication but are being replaced with alternative mobiles.

This thimble-sized gadget is the world’s smallest fully-functional cellphone

The Zanco T1 is the world's cutest cellular choking hazard.