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How to transfer photos from your iPhone to a Mac computer or PC

You can transfer photos from your iPhone to a Mac computer or PC by connecting it to your computer's respective photos app. Here's how to do each.
Photographer Weimin Chu's "Greenlandic Winter" earned this year's Grand Prize.

The winner of this year’s National Geographic Travel Photo Contest is a picture of a tiny village in Greenland where the building colors signify...

Photographer Weimin Chu's "Greenlandic Winter" depicts a family walking past the colorful buildings of Upernavik, Greenland.
There are families with same-sex parents all over the world.

15 inspiring photos of families around the world with same-sex parents

From South Africa to Denver, families all over the world are looking different and more diverse.
The view from the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Disappointing photos show what 13 famous views around the world look like in real life

From the London Eye to Cologne Cathedral, tourists travel far and wide to sites that boast beautiful views but sometimes they might not be as spectacular as expected.
Apple's iOS 13 will bring several updates to the iPhone's camera and photos app.

Apple just announced some major new features coming to the iPhone’s Camera and Photos apps — here’s everything that’s new

Apple's iOS 13 is coming this fall, and it includes some big changes to how you take photos and video with your iPhone.
Guess which one is the real Helen Mirren.

31 photos of celebrities and their realistic wax figures that you won’t be able to tell apart

Some wax figures look so similar to their real celebrity counterpart, and it's really freaky.

Google’s new $400 smartphone takes absolutely gorgeous photos — here’s proof

Google's new smartphone, the $400 Pixel 3a, takes absolutely stunning photos.
What a difference 25 years does not make.

8 times people flawlessly recreated their old photos

These people who recreated photos from their past prove that no matter how much time goes by, some things will always stay the same.
A mother, her son, and their alpaca pose for a photo in Cuzco, Peru.

Stunning photos of moms and their children around the world show the beauty of motherhood

Photographer Pascal Mannaerts traveled all over the globe to document mothers and their children. The resulting photos are part of a series titled "Moms of the World."

These portraits show how the British royal family has changed through the years

From official portraits to informal photocalls, here are pictures of the royal family from the 1930s until the present.