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Trump's priorities can be seen in his budget.

If you want to understand the Trump administration’s priorities during the pandemic, look at its 2021 budget — it values corporations and ...

"In order to properly formulate a budget of their own, progressives need to understand exactly why Trump's budget is a disaster for everyone."

Coronavirus is breaking our economy. A stimulus package that puts individual Americans first can fix it.

We need to treat this as an opportunity to rebuild the country, writes Paul Constant, and not allow the White House to pull off a second tax scam.
Data may soon be involved in the fight against inequality.

Right now, the hottest economic battles are over the minimum wage and income inequality. But in 10 years we could be fighting over data inequality.

Soon, marketers might pay consumers directly to watch an ad, instead of working with advertisers. How will we resolve that power imbalance?
An Occupy Fights Foreclosures demonstrator holds a "Get out of jail free card" placard and mock guillotine as she demonstrates against foreclosure practices at a Wells Fargo Bank on May Day in Los Angeles, California May 1, 2013.

Philanthropy is currently a ‘Band-Aid on the open wound of American poverty’ when it should be tackling larger systematic problems

Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, calls for philanthropy to cure the larger systemic problems of racism, poverty, and injustice.
Annie Fadely.

Finland’s government gifts all new parents a 60-item baby starter kit, and it shows how the country is better than America at ‘harmonious&...

"The difference between Finland and America is that our Nordic friends have a much more harmonious marriage between democracy and capitalism."
Finland may offer a blueprint for success.

Like the United States, Finland has a capitalist economy. Why are Finns so much happier than us?

Finland has universal healthcare, affordable childcare, free college, and copious paid vacations — and yes, it's in fact a capitalist country.
Paul Constant.

‘Being poor in America is a full-time job’: The astronomical cost of banking while poor

Payday lending is a predatory industry that penalizes vulnerable Americans in exchange for huge profits. Here's how we can break this vicious cycle.
A few of the remaining candidates in the Democratic race.

Will Iowa Democrats embrace neoliberalism, or will they give us a candidate for the people?

James Kwak argues that the Democratic Party's four-decade descent into neoliberalism has imperiled the world. Is it too late to turn the party around?
Boeing has used corporate welfare to fund its "villainy."

It’s time to end corporate welfare. Boeing is exhibit A for why.

Washington state leaders in 2013 gave Boeing a jaw-dropping $8.7 billion in tax breaks that are still rolling out to this day.
The problem has only persisted.

Ten years ago, I testified before Congress about drug pricing — and it’s only gotten worse. Here’s what’s wrong, and how we ma...

Jasmin Weaved testified in front of Congress about "out of control" pricing for prescription drugs, but not much has changed.