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I went to a career coach so you don’t have to — and it was a rude awakening

I spent two months working with Rebecca Fraser-Thill of the Pivot coaching team and learned how to be more proactive about my professional development.
Seems like some companies pivoted a bit too fast.

Companies that pivoted to blockchain are getting whacked amid the crypto bloodbath

The cryptocurrency bloodbath is not limited to the currencies and tokens.

The iced tea company that pivoted to blockchain is selling $8.4 million of shares to buy bitcoin mining machines

It's a profitable trend — but it's not clear what the extra cash will go to after buying the cryptocurrency rigs.
A cryptocurrency mining supercomputer

7 companies whose stocks surged — then slumped — after jumping on the crypto bandwagon

Most of them saw their stock price explode after announcing a shift— but as digital tokens slumped, so too did the freshly re-focused companies.

Poker company’s stock almost doubles after announcing it’ll buy a cryptocurrency wallet

It's the latest in a string of pivots to blockchain in which company values have more than doubled.

The Long Island Iced Tea company said it’s pivoting to blockchain — and its stock is soaring by more than 400%

It's the latest company in a growing trend to announce a rebranding and see its stock skyrocket.

Jeff Bezos uses a smart tactic to make seemingly impossible decisions very easily — here’s how it works

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos uses a "regret minimization framework" to decides which risks to take in his career.

Too many people fall into this psychological trap when building their careers

The concept of a five-year plan for success is outdated.

This brilliant technique is less gross than networking and will get you actual experience and exposure

Jenny Blake says "drafting" can help you make your next career move.