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Defamed photographer-influencer Daryl Aiden Yow makes a comeback on Instagram after plagiarism scandal

Yow is facing horrible backlash, but he stays determined in starting his social media influencer career afresh.
The original art (left), and Target's t-shirt (right).

Target quietly removes a t-shirt from its website after being accused of ‘stealing the art of a gay Mexican artist’

On Tuesday, artist Felix d'Eon‏ accused Target of "stealing" one of his designs and putting it on a t-shirt. "Is this how you support the queer Latinx community, @Target, by stealing the art of a gay Mexican artist?" d'Eon tweeted.

Sheriff David Clarke has reportedly withdrawn his acceptance of a Homeland Security job

The DHS job offer was never publicly announced by the Trump administration, but Clarke told a Wisconsin radio station in May that he accepted the post.

Neil Gorsuch is accused of plagiarism amid a heated Supreme Court confirmation fight

Politico said Gorsuch "borrowed from the ideas, quotes and structures of scholarly and legal works" without citing the original authors.

Reports: Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized huge sections of her Ph.D. thesis

Another plagiarism allegation has been leveled against Crowley for her 2012 book.

Trump’s national security pick had her book pulled by publisher over plagiarism allegations

A number of passages from Crowley's book seem to have been lifted from news articles, columns, think tanks, and Wikipedia.

Trump National Security Council pick Monica Crowley faces new plagiarism allegations

A new report found she may have plagiarized numerous passages in her Ph.D. dissertation.