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Epishuttle isolation pods for the Loganair Twin Otter aircraft.

A Scottish airline is converting its tiny planes into ‘flying ambulances’ using sealed pods to transport COVID-19 patients — here...

In total, the Scottish Ambulance Service has invested over £500,000, about $619,850, on the EpiShuttle isolation pods.
NASA X-57 Maxwell.

NASA has developed an experimental fully electric plane with 14 motors on its wings. Take a closer look at the X-57 Maxwell.

The X-57 has 12 small motors and two larger cruise motors, all on the wingtips, giving the aircraft a 500% increase in high-speed cruise efficiency.
The interior of the German air force Airbus A-310 "Medivac" in Cologne, Germany before its departure to Bergamo on March 28.

Inside the German military’s Airbus A310 ‘flying hospital’, which is transporting coronavirus patients from Italy to Germany

The German military Airbus A310 "Medevac" has 44 beds, including six intensive care units.
There were around 20 people on my flight to Austin during the coronavirus pandemic.

I flew economy from New York to Austin during the coronavirus pandemic, and it was the quietest flight I’ve ever been on. Here’s what it&#...

I took a US domestic flight during the coronavirus outbreak, and I was surprised that the airport was calm and quiet, and the flight was nearly empty.
Amandine Hivert Vignes in the cockpit.

Women still only make up 5% of commercial pilots worldwide. Here’s what a typical day looks like for one female pilot.

This Women's History Month, Amandine Hivert Vignes revealed what her life is like as a pilot. She calls her cockpit "the best office in the world."
This tiny house used to be a plane model.

A plane model once used to train flight attendants was turned into a sleek tiny house. Take a look inside.

Before it became a home, this section of fuselage was used as a training apparatus for flight attendants in Australia. It's now on sale for $36,312.
Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg, Virginia is pictured above.

An airport worker is being accused of taking a plane for a joy ride despite not having a pilot’s license — investigators say it wasn’...

According to an affidavit filed earlier this month, Ryan Guy Parker flew dangerously close to fuel tanks which could have caused a massive explosion.
Fred the miniature service horse flew first class from Michigan to California.

An American Airlines passenger flew her miniature service horse named Fred first class from Michigan to California

Owner Ronica Froese said 18-month-old, 115-pound Fred "behaved like an angel," even though it was his first time flying.
I used to hate neck pillows, until I found this one.

I spent years thinking neck pillows were pointless, until I found the perfect one. Now, I can’t sleep on planes without it.

I spent years thinking neck pillows were lame and amateurish until I found a memory foam version that would become my trick to sleeping on a plane.
Traveling solo isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

This woman traveled alone and said it was one of the worst decisions of her life

After quitting her job to travel the world for a year, Jamie Bradley returned home after six weeks. Solo travel was simply too lonely.