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A new chart from Kayak lets users see the median cost of airfare by month at a glance.

A new chart tells you the cheapest month to fly depending on your destination

Kayak has a new chart that shows the median airfare of specific travel routes over time.
There are a few ways to feel cozier while on a plane.

12 of the best products to help you feel more comfortable on your next flight

From special pillows to footrests, here are some of the best things you can buy to make your next flight on an airplane more comfortable.
Passengers on a recent American Airlines flight were said to be playing footsie barefoot in first class.

An American Airlines passenger says a couple sitting in first class on her flight played barefoot footsie

Flying with bare feet is technically against American Airlines' "Conditions of Carriage" rules.
The footage was captured by tow truck driver Bill Chan, who was on his day off.

A driver’s dash cam captured the moment a small plane narrowly missed hitting his truck before it crashed near Toronto

The truck driver named Bill Chan was on his way to a family meal when the plane flew past his truck approximately 'two car lengths' away.
Most people don't expect to encounter a scorpion on a flight.

A woman was stung by a scorpion on a plane, but says the flight attendant tried to tell her it was just a gum wrapper

She said the creature must have been on her back for half an hour during the flight from Toronto to Calgary.
The grounded passengers were served pepperoni and cheese pizza (not the one pictured).

A flight captain ordered pizzas for everyone on board after the plane was diverted and grounded on the tarmac for hours

An Air Canada representative told INSIDER cabin-crew members delivered the pizza to passengers at their seats.
Should overweight travellers be forced to pay for two plane seats?

A man charged an obese passenger sitting next to him on a plane $150 for encroaching on his seat, and he was happy to pay it

The story, which was posted on Reddit, has gone viral, and people are completely divided in their reactions.
One mom is said to have pulled out all the stops to make sure her newborn did not disturb other passengers on their flight.

A mom traveling with her 4-month-old baby gave passengers earplugs to keep everyone happy on a 10-hour flight

The mom pulled out all the stops to ensure her newborn didn't disturb other passengers on a recent flight from Seoul to San Francisco.
There's a snake in her shoe.

A woman discovered an Australian python had slipped into her shoe and traveled 9,000 miles with her

The Australian python, which is not venomous, was safely removed and quarantined.
The Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane (not pictured) landed safely in Chittagong, Bangladesh, reports say.

The suspect of an alleged hijacking attempt was shot and killed after a plane made an emergency landing in Bangladesh

All 142 passengers of Biman Bangladesh Airlines' Flight BG147 disembarked the plane safely after an alleged hijacking attempt, Reuters reported.