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The town of Miejsce Odrzańskie in Poland hasn't had a baby boy born in nearly a decade.

The mayor of a small Polish town is offering a reward to the next couple who has a baby boy since they’ve only had girls for a decade

Miejsce Odrzańskie is a small agricultural village in southern Poland, with a population of less than 300.
The temperature anomaly across Europe as on June 26, 2019.

‘Hell is coming’: Western Europe battles unprecedented heat wave as France records its highest temperature in history

France recorded its highest-ever temperature record of 113.18 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday. Many other national records were broken this week.
Julia Slonska using a hammer to smash the nose off a 200-year-old Polish statue.

A teenage Instagrammer is being criticized for smashing the nose off a 200-year-old Polish statue for a video

She has since apologized for vandalizing the historic sculpture, saying that she doesn't know why she did it.
US Army armored units in Poland.

The US military is dusting off this Cold War tactic in hopes of catching Russia off guard

The US military is striving to move faster and be more unpredictable to potential adversaries, making US forces much more lethal.
Gdansk's Mayor Pawel Adamowicz spoke at the annual Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. He was stabbed on stage and later died in hospital.

A Polish city mayor was stabbed to death in front of thousands of people at a charity event

Paweł Adamowicz, mayor of Gdańsk, was stabbed on stage at a charity event on Sunday. Poland's health minister announced his death on Monday.

A 2nd Huawei executive has been arrested — this time in Poland on suspicion of spying for the Chinese government

The Huawei executive was arrested in Poland on suspicion of spying for the Chinese government, according to multiple news reports.
Police officers are seen at the site of a fire which broke out in an escape room in Koszalin, Poland January 4, 2019.

5 teenage girls died in a Polish escape room fire while celebrating a birthday

The bodies of the five girls were found in a room near a fire which broke out around 5 p.m. local time.
A recruit fires flare gun during his 16-day basic training for Poland's Territorial Defence Forces, at a shooting range near Siedlce, Poland, December 7, 2017.

Meet Poland’s new volunteer militia, which is ready to die to stop a Russian invasion

“A guerrilla force is always difficult to fight against,” one recruit said. “If there was fighting in Poland, there would be problems with supply lines, subversive activity. That’s always difficult for the opposing military.”

The story of Wojtek, the 440-pound bear that fought the Nazis in World War II, is being made into a movie

Wojtek joined up with a Polish army unit early in World War II and stuck with them on the trip to Europe and through the fighting in Italy. His service was all the more impressive because he was a bear.
President Donald Trump is greeted by Polish President Andrzej Duda as he visits Poland during the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Warsaw, Poland July 6, 2017.

Poland says it’s willing to pay $2 billion to build ‘Fort Trump,’ and Trump sounds interested in the offer

Poland has a longstanding interest in closer security ties with the US, and in the years since Russia's incursion in Ukraine, that interest has grown — now Poland is willing to cough up the cash to pay for it.