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The troubling footage has prompted big sports names like Dez Bryant, Jameer Nelson, Phil Martelli, and more to speak out.

The NBA and other athletes are offering to help former player Delonte West after latest troubling video surfaces

The footage has prompted big sports names like Dez Bryant, Jameer Nelson, and Phil Martelli to voice their support for Delonte West.

Swiss officials say they infiltrated a ring of Russians posing as plumbers in order to spy on elites at Davos

A plot by two Russians was foiled by Swiss police in Davos, the site of the annual World Economic Forum, in August 2019.
Police cars are seen parked in front of Roosevelt High School after a shooting incident in Hawaii January 28, 2014.

2 Honolulu police officers were killed in a shooting as a nearby house burned

Videos of the scene near the Diamond Head area of the island show a massive fire shooting flames and smoke into the sky as shots rang out.

Police robots keep malfunctioning, with mishaps ranging from running over a toddler’s foot to ignoring people in distress

As companies have begun to experiment with security robots, the robots have repeatedly hit obstacles — or, in some cases, fallen into them.
A screenshot from Special Services Group's sales brochure.

A secretive spyware company is selling cameras and listening devices disguised as tombstones and car seats to police and federal agencies like the FBI...

The company has sold its products to dozens of US agencies, including the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and ICE, and has threatened to sue journalists who report on its existence.

A police department collected 65,000 face scans — but the system hasn’t been connected to a single arrest

The program has now been shuttered because of a new California law banning the use of facial recognition by government agencies.
Police advance on pro-democracy protesters at the Admiralty MTR station on December 1, 2014 in Hong Kong. Leaders from the Federation of Students called on fellow protesters to attend a rally and come prepared for escalated action. Protesters were asked to bring masks, umbrellas and helmets in a bid to move the protests forward after police successfully cleared the Mong Kok protest site earlier this week.l

Authorities in Hong Kong seized nearly 4,000 cell phones from protesters, and activists are concerned that police are reading their messages and insta...

Lawmakers and activists have argued that police conduct many of these mobile phone examinations without consent.
The police officer at the center of a viral incident at a McDonald's in Junction City, Kansas, said he wrote "f---ing pig" on his own coffee cup.

A police officer admitted to writing ‘f—ing pig’ on his own coffee cup at McDonald’s, after an accusation against an employee ...

The police officer at the center of a viral incident said he wrote "f---ing pig" on his own McDonald's cup.

Parishioners killed man who opened fire inside a Texas church

Police hailed the "heroic parishioners" who took down the gunman at the West Freeway Church of Christ during its Sunday morning service.