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Brazilian police reportedly took a parrot into custody after he tipped off his owners about a drug raid.

Brazilian police took a parrot into custody after it tipped off alleged drug dealers to a police raid

The bird had been trained to squawk, "Mama, the police!" in the event of a bust, officers involved in the operation told local media outlets.
Cary Michael Cocuzzi

A woman found out her ex-boyfriend had secretly been living in her attic for weeks and creeping around her house

Cary Cocuzzi was arrested in Pittsburgh on Saturday and charged with burglary and unlawful restraint.

A police dog was stuck with 200 porcupine quills during the pursuit of a suspect

A K-9 dog in Coos Bay, Oregon, got stuck with over 200 porcupine quills on Saturday night. The dog, Odin, is doing OK now.
At first glance, authorities thought the large alligator (not pictured) was a human.

Authorities mistook an 11-foot alligator for an unconscious person

On Friday night, a fire rescue crew in Miami thought they saw an unconscious person. It was actually a 600-pound, 11-foot long alligator.

Sri Lankan police issued an intelligence alert warning that terrorists planned to hit ‘prominent churches’ 10 days before Easter bombings

Sri Lankan police reportedly issued a warning to top officials 10 days before a series deadly blasts struck churches and hotels.
Feelin' cute.

Police and corrections officers across the country are facing backlash over inappropriate ‘Feeling Cute’ challenge posts

People think some officers may have taken things too far. Officials are investigating the posts, which were shared in a now-private Facebook group.
Ontario police released surveillance footage showing a suspect they said posed as a deliveryman before shooting a woman with a crossbow concealed inside the box.

A woman answered her door to an apparent deliveryman carrying a large box. Police say he shot her with a crossbow concealed inside.

Canadian police officers are asking for help identifying the person who shot a woman with a crossbow after posing as a deliveryman.
A police officer shot and killed a man in Red Bluff, California after he came at them with a large stick, according to police.

A California police officer shot and killed a man brandishing a ‘large stick,’ according to the Red Bluff Police Department

A Red Bluff, California, police officer shot and killed a man after he came at them with a large stick, according to the local police department.
The smashed window of a car at the scene.

Police fire shots after Ukraine ambassador’s car was deliberately rammed in London

The suspect also drove at police, and firearms and Taser were discharged, the Metropolitan Police said.
It's unclear if the spider was found at the scene.

A woman crashed her car after seeing a spider and panicking

Spiders, authorities said, are a "contributing factor that is not covered too often" when talking about motor vehicle accidents.