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One chart shows how steep of a decline there’s been in the percentage of children outearning their parents since the 1940s

"It's basically a coin flip as to whether you'll do better than your parents," Stanford University professor Raj Chetty said.

Nancy Pelosi’s bill to lower prescription drug costs would save Medicare a whopping $345 billion over 7 years, CBO says

Pelosi's drug bill could lead to massive savings for the federal government while also reducing pharmaceutical spending on research.

We asked every 2020 Democrat how they would approach a trade war that has shaken the global economy. Only a handful of them had a plan.

Many of the Democratic campaigns demurred, underscoring the awkward spot Trump has put the party in.

Elizabeth Warren has struggled to explain her healthcare overhaul’s impact on the middle class. That’s because key details are still missi...

Warren has repeatedly sidestepped questions whether her version of Medicare for All would raise taxes on the middle class. It likely will.

The family of West Virginia’s billionaire governor maxed out a $125,000 taxpayer subsidy meant to help farmers hurt by Trump’s trade war

The family of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice received the maximum of $125,000 in federal aid meant to help farmers hurt by the trade war with China.

Pick your poison: Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman says the stock market could plunge 25% under either a Warren or Sanders presidency

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has proposed a wealth tax to raise funds for a variety of new government programs.
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren shake hands before the start of the first night of the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan, on July 30, 2019.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are calling for massive wealth taxes on the super-rich. Voters like it so much that moderate 2020 Democrats are co...

Sanders and Warren have pushed for taxing the fortunes of the rich. And moderate candidates said they were open to it at the 2020 Democratic debate.
Target recorded its strongest quarterly growth in shopper traffic in more than a decade.

US retail sales unexpectedly drop as Trump’s trade war hits the backbone of the economy

The Commerce Department said Wednesday retail sales fell 0.3% last month, the first decline since February and compared with a 0.6% rise in August.
US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross blasts Democrats as ‘hell-bent on impeaching the most successful president since Ronald Reagan’

Ross doubled down in his staunch defense of Trump in fiery remarks to the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization.

Farmers are skeptical of the partial trade pact Trump announced with China

Questions over a US-China trade announcement have mounted since last week, particularly within the agricultural sector.