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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg personally made the decision that Facebook would keep running political ads, even though the ads were weaponized in 2016

As the US gears up for its next presidential election in 2020, citizens can expect to keep seeing political ads on Facebook.
President Donald Trump on the phone.

New 2020 campaign ad encourages supporters to call and leave a thank you message for Trump

A new ad featuring Trump's 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale encourages supporters to call and leave a thank you message for the president.

Facebook delays tool showing exactly who is paying for political ads after journalists ‘gamed’ it to expose flaws

Facebook political ads transparency tool was meant to roll out on November 7, but now Facebook says it will launch 'in the next month.'

After backlash, Facebook pulls Trump’s controversial immigrant ad for violating its advertising policy on ‘sensational content’

While the ad can still be posted on Facebook, it's been blocked from paid distribution, Facebook said on Monday.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO and chairman.

Facebook approved 100 fake ad disclosures that were allegedly ‘paid for’ by every United States senator

Facebook's 'paid for by' feature, which shows who financed a political ad, appears to have some holes that allow anyone to claim an ad was paid for by anybody else.

Facebook approved fake political ads that claimed to be paid for by ISIS and Mike Pence

Vice News was able to create political ads on Facebook that claimed to be paid for by ISIS and Mike Pence.

Here are some of the posts that Facebook says were part of a coordinated misinformation campaign ahead of American elections

Facebook announced Tuesday that the company had removed 32 pages and accounts from Facebook and Instagram for being involved in “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Here's what they were posting.
Voters cast their ballots on Election Day November 04, 2008, at Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia. Americans crowded polling stations Tuesday to vote in their historic election, with front-running Democrat Barack Obama seeking to become the first black US president and Republican rival John McCain battling for a comeback.

Google stops taking political ads in Maryland because it’s not sure that it can comply with a new transparency law

After the allegations surfaced that Russians tampered with the last US presidential election, Maryland now requires those buying political ads to identify themselves. Google says it's unsure it can collect the necessary information in time to comply.