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Howard Schultz is "seriously considering" running for president.

Howard Schultz slams the ‘vilification’ of successful people in business as ‘left-leaning’ Democratic presidential hopefuls en...

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz criticized what he calls the "vilification" of business success and capitalism.
Howard Schultz's biggest problem is that he has simply been too rich for too long.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz comes out against Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up tech giants like Amazon

Howard Schultz does not agree with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up tech giants such as Amazon and Facebook.
Combination photo of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

How the INSIDER 2020 Democratic primary tracker works

We're tracking the 2020 primary to find out who's support overlaps. This lets us find out who may scoop up support as candidates stumble.
Li "Cindy" Yang

A former owner of the Florida massage parlor at the center of the sex trafficking bust that implicated Robert Kraft says she’s being targeted be...

Li "Cindy" Yang, who has ties to President Donald Trump, said she believes she is being unfairly targeted.

A history of the times Kellyanne Conway’s husband has roasted Trump

George Conway and President Donald Trump are in an escalating feud. This isn't the first time the lawyer has been critical of his wife's boss.
Samuel L. Jackson stars as Nick Fury in "Captain Marvel."

Samuel L. Jackson taunted fans who threaten to boycott his movies if he keeps slamming Trump: ‘I already cashed that check’

The 'Captain Marvel' star recently discussed his vocal anti-Trump stance in an interview with Esquire.

Here are the biggest endorsements all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have received so far

Here's our tracker of which 2020 Democrats have the most major endorsements from statewide officials, federal officials, and prominent celebrities.
People are bringing up Cory Booker's relationship status as an issue with his candidacy.

Rosario Dawson confirmed she is dating Cory Booker, but experts say his status as an unmarried man could make a run for president even tougher

Sen. Cory Booker has announced he's running for president. Experts weighed in on how much his relationship status could be a talking point.