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A $250,000 donation from Salesforce was rejected by a non-profit group that’s demanding the company cancel its border-protection contract

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff pledged to give $1 million help immigrants affected by US government's immigration policies, but a legal-aid group tells him to keep his money until he stops working with customers and border patrol.

Some vote-counting computers came with a critical flaw that could have let hackers access them

The top voting machine maker admitted in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden that it installed remote access software on election equipment it shipped starting in 2000.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is under fire from some of his fans for donations he made to a Republican political committee.

Elon Musk draws fire for donating $38,900 to a Republican fundraising committee

Some fans of the Tesla CEO criticized him on Twitter after his donations to a committee dedicated to maintaining the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives came to light.
Apollo 11 astronauts planted a flag on the moon on July 20, 1969.

Astronauts explain why nobody has visited the moon in more than 45 years — and the reasons are depressing

The last time anyone visited the moon was in December 1972, during NASA's Apollo 17 mission. Astronauts often say the biggest reasons why humans haven't returned to the moon are budgetary and political hurdles — not scientific or technical challenges.
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump assigned a task force to investigate cryptocurrency fraud

President Donald Trump has assigned an official task force to investigate the pervasive fraud within the cryptocurrency industry, among other kinds of fraud.
Combined, Donald Trump and his family are worth more than $4 billion.

From a 58-bedroom estate to a helicopter fleet, here’s how the Trump family spends their billions

President Donald Trump has a reported net worth of $3.1 billion, according to Forbes. Combined with the net worths of his grown children, the Trump family fortune exceeds $4 billion. See how they spend it.

Papa John’s founder has left the company after admitting to saying the N-word on a conference call. Here’s a look into his history of cont...

Papa John's founder and former CEO John Schnatter resigned as chairman of the company after admitting to using the N-word on a company conference call. Schnatter previously sparked controversy in his opposition to Obamacare and donated to Trump's presidential campaign.
Janelle Bynum represents District 51 in the Oregon House.

A black lawmaker says someone called the police on her when she was canvassing in her district

Janelle Bynum, a Democratic state representative in Oregon, said a constituent reported her for visiting multiple houses. Bynum, who is running for reelection in November, said it came down to "people having a sense of fear in their neighborhood."
Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn said he’d be ‘happy’ for Brexit transition to be extended

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be "happy" for the Brexit transition to be extended. The proposed transition period - which will only be secured if both sides manage to negotiate a withdrawal agreement - will last 21 months, concluding in December 2020.

Netflix faces conservative backlash for upcoming superhero drag queen show, with nearly 20,000 signing a petition against it

A petition is gaining traction to stop Netflix's upcoming superhero drag queen animated series, "Super Drags," from being streamed on the service. But it's the latest bout of conservative backlash that Netflix doesn't seem concerned about.