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Emily Miller traveled to North Carolina to vote.

This voter took an overnight bus from DC to North Carolina in order to cast their vote, then flew home in time for work

When Emily Miller's absentee ballot never arrived, she took an overnight bus to North Carolina to vote. She then flew home in time for work.
A new poll out Wednesday shows more young Americans have become anxious about the upcoming midterm elections.

The polls are open in dozens of states for the midterm elections — see what time they close

To make sure you don't run out of time to make your voice heard, Business Insider has broken down the rules by state in the chart below.
Bob Menendez.

In a foreboding sign for Democrats, a top political prognosticator just moved New Jersey’s Senate race to a ‘toss up’

Sen. Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat recovering from an ethics scandal, is facing an increasingly uphill battle for reelection.

New polls show Democrats are on the verge of flipping 2 key Senate seats

New polls from CNN show Democratic Senate candidates leading their Republican opponents in two of the four key states with seats up for grabs in November's midterm elections.

New polling shows disastrous warning signs for Republicans ahead of the midterm elections

New polling shows Democrats with 12 and 14-point leads over their Republican opponents in the midterm congressional elections. An NPR/Marist Poll found that 50% of registered voters would cast their ballots for Democrats and 38% would vote for Republicans if congressional elections were held then.

Democrats take a double-digit lead over Republicans just 2 months before the midterms

Democrats have a massive 14-point advantage over Republicans in a new generic congressional ballot.
President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House January 4, 2018 in Washington, DC. President Trump met with Republican members of the Senate to discuss immigration.

The Cohen and Manafort convictions didn’t hurt Trump’s approval ratings, but support for Mueller increased

Two of Trump's past associates, lawyer Michael Cohen and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, had highly publicized legal battles that both had damaging consequences on August 21, but voter opinions about Trump seem to be unchanged, according to polls.

Brazil’s currency is getting slammed as a jailed candidate leads its presidential polls

The Brazilian real extended losses Thursday as political chaos compounded fears surrounding a currency that has already been under pressure.

Trump’s approval rating just reached its highest point in a year

President Donald Trump's job approval just hit its highest level of support in over a year, with 42.4% approving and 52% against, according to an average by FiveThirtyEight.
Donald Trump.

Trump’s approval rating is at its highest point in nearly a full year

But Trump's approval rating is still not very good.