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A woman sits in a super bloom of poppies near Lake Elsinore, California.

Satellites just photographed California’s dazzling ‘super bloom’ of spring flowers from outer space

As orange poppies went through a "super bloom" in Southern California, a satellite recorded images of the colors (and tourists) while orbiting Earth.

Heroin is driving a sinister trend in Afghanistan

Afghanistan continues to be the world's biggest producer of opium, and it's changing out the Taliban operates.

The US and Mexico may be teaming up to fight heroin, but the enemy is tougher than it appears

US officials have observed several Mexican drug-eradication operations in recent weeks, signaling a renewed partnership on anti-drug efforts.

Despite 15 years of occupation, Afghanistan’s opium production has only gone up

Opium-poppy cultivation in Afghanistan in 2016 were at the third-highest level since 1994, behind only 2014 and 2013.

Some of the most important gains made in Afghanistan are slipping away

Insecurity and opium production, among other things, have increased, while the Afghan government's territorial control appears to have decreased.

Production has soared in the world’s opium capital

Afghanistan recorded one of its three highest area-under-cultivation levels for opium in 2016.

‘Eradication has been close to zero’ in the world’s biggest producer of heroin

"Preliminary results suggest that illicit cultivation has increased well above 200,000 hectares (494,000 acres)," a UN official said.

Violence is rising in Mexico’s heroin capital, and it’s a sign of how ugly the fight against crime has gotten

"The mafia saying that violence is bad for business is certainly true," said a former DEA agent.